11 September 2009


I had a request a couple of days ago to re-post the World Party b-sides that I had up about a year ago. Those are again available over here.

So, as I was thinking about what to post next I started to think about all the blogs out there that are posting Beatles music this week, thanks to the re-remastered box sets, and that video game. Heck, even Vh-1 Classic has been showing almost nothing but Beatles-related shows for the past week or so.

If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Wallinger is a huge Beatles fan himself, having put covers of their songs on many a b-side. So I'm jumping on The Beatles bandwagon, without putting up any actual Beatles recordings. Here's a batch of World Party covers of Lennon and/or McCartney penned tunes:

(files expired)

World Party - "Martha My Dear" From the Come Again compilation.
World Party - "Penny Lane" From one of the many versions of the "Beautiful Dream" single.
World Party - "A World Without Love" Written by McCartney, but he didn't think it was good enough for The Beatles, so they never recorded it. Instead, it became a hit for Peter & Gordon. This version is from the "Is It Like Today" singles.
World Party - "All You Need Is Love"
World Party - "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" From the "Message In a Box" single.
World Party - "The Long and Winding Road" (demo) This demo was released on Wallinger's website. This is probably the farthest from the original that Karl has ever strayed.
World Party - "Man We Was Lonely" A McCartney solo tune. World Party's version was recorded for the tribute album, Listen To What the Man Said.

Party music:

Private Revolution, 1986 (buy)
Goodbye Jumbo, 1990 (buy)
Bang!, 1993 (buy)
Egyptology, 1997 (buy)
Dumbing Up, 2000 (buy)

If you live in California, you're in luck. World Party are playing three shows in your state next month:

Oct. 1 Anthology, San Diego, CA
Oct. 2 El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 3 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, San Fransisco, CA

The Beatles, however, are no longer touring. Likely because they have only one surviving member (Lennon having been killed, Harrison passing from natural causes, and McCartney, of course, having died in a car crash around the time of Abbey Road).

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Anonymous said...

A very big thank you for the Beatles related WP and for the B sides also.
You are the Man!