05 June 2008


British band World Party is one of those solo - project - masquerading - as - band bands (see also The The, The Waterboys, Smashing Pumpkins). This particular band is comprised of Karl Wallinger. . . And whoever else he feels like working with at any given time.

Wallinger, prior to forming World Party, was a member of Mike Scott’s Waterboys. He released two albums with The Waterboys, leaving just before the Fisherman's Blues era.

To say World Party’s music is Beatle-esc is putting it mildly. He performs old Fab Four songs nearly as often as his own compositions. In fact, while putting this post together, I had trouble not making it a Wallinger - does - Beatles post. So, with great difficulty, here’s some non - album, non - Beatles, World Party tunes.

Ok, one Beatles tune, too.

(files expired)

World Party - “Holy Water” B-side of “Ship of Fools”
World Party - "Basically" B-side of "Give It All Away"
World Party - “You’re a Hurricane, I’m a Caravan” (demo) Released on Wallinger’s website.
World Party - “World Groove (Do the Mind Guerrilla)” B-side of “All Come True”
World Party - “Penny Lane” (The Beatles cover) B-side of “Beautiful Dream”
World Party - “All the Young Dudes” (Mott the Hoople cover) Released on the Clueless soundtrack.
Karl Wallinger - “The Four Ages of Man” From the W. B. Yeats tribute compilation Now and In Time To Be.

World Party discography:

Private Revolution, 1986 (buy)
Goodbye Jumbo, 1990 (buy)
Bang!, 1993 (buy)
Egyptology, 1997 (buy)
Dumbing Up, 2000 (buy)


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rogue46 said...

thanks for psting these World Party b-sides, but you've got it wrong. All The Dudes was by Mott the Hoople, not Thin Lizzy.

DeadBilly said...

Holy crap! You're right. Little brain-fart there. It's been corrected. Thanks.

grimble said...

Any chance of uploading Holy Water again? I used to have it on vinyl, and would love to hear it again!

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Thanks! BTW there's a big box of World Party released in April (no Holy Water, though)