29 May 2008


Bob Geldof first hit it big with The Boomtown Rats back in the seventies. Over the twenty or so years since The Rats break up, he has managed to release 4 solo albums.

Of course, he’s better known these days as a political activist, having been the organizer of the Live Aid concerts, the Live 8 concerts, Band Aid (“Do They Know It’s Christmas”) and various other debt aid charities.

Here, though, I’m dealing with his music. I’ve already posted on The Rats a while ago, so here’s a very quick blurb on his solo work:

As I already mentioned, Geldof has released four solo albums. The most recent, and the first can be considered pop/rock albums. The middle two have been referred to as either his Celtic albums, or his Cajun albums, depending on who you talk to. They’re also his best solo work, in my opinion.

A short time ago, all four albums were issued in expanded form in the box set Great Songs of Indifference (buy) (which is not to be confused with the best of compilation issued several years earlier). As usual, some great tracks were left off the new versions. Here’s some of those:

(files expired)

Bob Geldof - “Sweat For You” B-side of the “Room 19” single.
Bob Geldof - “The Great Song of Indifference” (2-Meter Sessie) As it says, recorded live for 2 Meter Sessies.
Bob Geldof - “Talk Me Up” B-side of “This Is the World Calling” single.
Jools Holland and Bob Geldof - “The Pilgrim” From Jools' album Moving Out To the Country.
Bob Geldof - “Crazy” Recorded for a Boomtown Rats / Bob Geldof best of compilation. Not a very good song, but Sting does backing vocals, so I guess that’s something.
Bob Geldof - “I Don’t Like Mondays” (live) Recorded for The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball.

For those overseas:
Bob Geldof - “Yeah, Definitely” Released as a single in some countries, and added to The Happy Club in the US.
Bob Geldof - “Hole To Fill” (US mix) The other non-Euro track on the US version of The Happy Club.

That’s all I have for know. If anyone out there has copies of “The Warmest Fire” or “Let’s Go”, I could use a hook up. I’ve never been able to find those two.

Bob Geldof solo discography:

Deep In the Heart of Nowhere, 1986
The Vegetarians of Love, 1990
The Happy Club, 1992
Sex, Age, & Death, 2001 (buy)

Unfortunately, it appears most of his work is out of print (except on the box set). If you spot used copies of Vegetarians of Love or Happy Club, do yourself a favor and grab them. They’re well worth the $1 you’ll pay.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great Geldof share. I'll try and send you some rare stuff I have. The US mixes are excellent finds... thank you.

DeadBilly said...

Glad you liked it.