11 June 2008

INXS (#3)

INXS has become my most popular post, by far. I’ve already put up two sets of b-sides from them. Now, once again by request, here’s a third set.

Thanks to Kremmin for helping me with some of these. And thanks to everyone who’s commented on the previous posts.

(files expired)

INXS - “Begotten” B-side of the “Listen Like Thieves” single.
INXS - “Black and White” (Extended Version) From the out-of-print US EP Dekadance.
INXS - “Here Comes II” Also from Dekadance (the US version). Original version is on Shabooh Shoobah. (buy)
INXS with Jenny Morris - “Jackson” (Lieber/Wheeler cover) From the Australian-only cassette version of the Dekadance EP. Interesting side note: Johnny Cash duetted on this song with Miss Piggy when he appeared on The Muppet Show. Sorry, I don't have a copy of that one.
INXS - “Do Wot You Do” From the Pretty In Pink soundtrack. (buy)
INXS - “I’m Coming (Home)” B-side of “Need You Tonight” single.
INXS - “Let It Ride” B-side of “Everything”
INXS - “Move On” B-side of the “Never Tear Us Apart” single.
INXS - “On The Rocks” B-side of “Devil Inside”.
INXS - “The Sax Thing” B-side of “To Look At You”. Not the best sound quality on this one, unfortunately.

Alright. That’s gotta be exhausting most of my collection. If there’s something I’ve missed that somebody out there still wants, drop me a line.

Also, check out Martin's INXS forum here: http://inxs.losforosgratis.com/


Martín said...

Thank you very much for this b-sides (all of them) also for the link to my INXS forum... you rules!! ;)



SeptemberSpice said...

Thanks - you're a Legend!!!

DeadBilly said...

You're both very welcome.

rickdog said...

You have a great music blog here! I've added you to my custom search, check it out.

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P@ndora said...

Hi Deadbilly,

Thanks for the interesting posts you provide. Never knew there were two separate "Dekandance"'s!

Keep it up, P@ndora

DeadBilly said...

rickdog - thanks much. Your site looks great.

p@ndora - as big a muxic geek as I am, I too was unaware of the Australian Dekadance until recently. A reader of my first post clued me in, and helped with the files (thanks kremmin).

Martín said...

Hey Billy!

How are you? Hope you are well!

I like to tell you (maybe you know it) i move my forum (the old is still alive) to another good place, now it's available here:





Cindy said...

Move On! Oh, you're my hero! I never thought I would ever hear this lovely song again.