20 June 2008


Paddy Casey is one of those singer/songwriter types from Ireland. Like so many of the acts I’ve mentioned throughout the life of this blog, he’s far better known over there than he his where I live.

Paddy signed to Columbia in the late nineties. He put out his first album, Amen (So Be It) in 1999. The album has some fantastic songs on it, but has (in my opinion) a bit of an odd production value to it. Some of the backing tracks have a low-budget drum machine feel to them, which at times distracts from the songs.

Not that I want to give the impression that I don’t like the album, I do, but if you’re just starting to listen to him, I’d recommend picking up his second album, Living, instead. The songwriting is just as strong, and the production matches a bit better.

But, then again, this is all just my opinion. Don’t take my word for it. Not everybody feels the same. Honestly, even though the production bugs me a bit on the first album, the songs are so damn good I still listen to it constantly.

Alright. Before I end up damning with faint praise, here’s a bunch of b-sides and things:

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Paddy Casey - “Cold As Ice” B-side of “Whatever Gets You True” single.
Paddy Casey - The Power of Love” (Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover) B-side of “Bend Down Low”.
Paddy Casey - “Once Was a Boy” (radio session) Recorded for On The Verge radio, before he was signed. This song has never been officially released.
Paddy Casey with the Dublin Gospel Choir - “Grandma’s Hands / No Diggity” (Bill Withers / BLACKstreet covers) From Even Better Than the Real Thing, Vol.2 compilation.
Paddy Casey - “Shine” Issued on the “Whatever Gets You True” single.
Paddy Casey - “The Lucky One” (demo) Released on “The Lucky One” single. Album version is on Living.
The Dublin Gospel Choir with Paddy Casey - “Saints and Sinners” From Even Better Than the Real Thing, Vol.2 compilation. The original version of this song is on Living.

Paddy Casey discography:

Amen (So Be It), 1999
Living, 2003
Addicted to Company, Part One, 2007 (buy)

If you live in the States, pick up his first two at a used store. The only thing Amazon has besides his latest is a $30 import of the first album.

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