18 August 2009


It's been an oddly, poppy, psychedelic sort of day today. I was searching the internet for a particular Monkees track to complete this post, while the TV was on in the background. I was half-watching Cash Cab, and I suddenly hear a question about Mickey Dolenze being the voice of Snuggle (the teddy bear from those commercials). How coincidental.

So, I go on about my search. I pause for a moment to check my email, and on the news page that loads while I sign in, the headline reads "Wife of Monkee Mickey Dolenze arrested". What are the odds of that happening today? (For those who already knew about that a week ago, I usually write these things up a week or so in advance)

Now, if I flip through the channels, and find the Davey Jones episode of The Brady Bunch, I'm gonna be seriously weirded out.

In all honesty, yeah, I'm aware it's all just coincidence, but it was strange enough that I figured it was a mildly interesting way to begin this post.

To the music:

(files expired)

1 Talk Talk - "Does Caroline Know?" (live)
2 They Might Be Giants - "Caroline, No"
3 They Might Be Giants - "Theme from The Monkees" (live)
4 The Monkees - "I'm a Believer" (alternate version)
5 Bob Geldof - "Room 19 (Sha La La Le)"
6 The Wonder Stuff - "Room 512 (All the News That's Fit to Print)"
7 Mark Hollis - "The Daily Planet"


1 Taken from a bootleg recording of a radio broadcast. The original studio version is on the classic album It's My Life. (buy)
2 Brian Wilson cover from the Indestructible Object EP. (buy)
3 A Monkees cover (as if you couldn't have figured that out). Written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, with help from Neil Diamond. I'm unsure of the date or location of this recording.
4 Written by Neil Diamond, and taken from the remastered album More of The Monkees. (buy) (buy deluxe)
5 Taken from his long out-of-print album The Happy Club. You might recognize the organ riff running through the song.
6 Originally issued on the Artists for Rock The Vote: Say What You Want compilation, and later released on one of the "Hot Love Now" singles.
7 Mark was the lead singer of Talk Talk. I don't know if he meant the title of this track as a reference to Clark Kent's newspaper, but that's how I'm using it here. Taken from his one and only self-titled solo album. (buy) Damn, I wish he'd come out with something new.

A Superman reference to end the series right where it started. I may eventually come up with some new lists, but for the time being, I'll end them here.

A few new releases today that some of you may be interested in:

The Cult - Love (Expanded Edition) (buy) - 'cause you can never have too much Love
Various Artists - New Tales To Tell (buy) - 'cause you can never have too much Love and Rockets
The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin (2 LP + bonus CD) (buy) - 'cause. . .'cause it's the Flaming Lips. Isn't that good enough?

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Freg said...

I love Mark Hollis, too, but sadly he seems to have retired from the music business.

Such a shame....