14 August 2009


Ok, I'm sure everyone out there is already familiar with The Clash. It's not like I have anything to add to the oft told story of The Last Angry Band.

For many people, the likes of "London Calling", "Rock the Casbah", and "Should I Stay or Should I Go" are enough to keep them happy. Then, there's obsessive fans like myself, that need to get every album (even Cut the Crap), every b-side, and as many bootlegs as they can come across. And, with The Clash, there's a whole lot of bootlegs out there.

That's where most of the tracks I'm putting up today come from. Here's some alternate Clash:

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The Clash - "White Riot" (demo) One of my favorites. The official version is on The Clash.
The Clash with Lee "Scratch" Perry - "Pressure Drop" (Toots and the Maytals cover) This is the first recording The Clash made of this song. They would later re-record the tune without Perry, and release it as the b-side of "English Civil War".
The Clash - "King of the Road" (live Roger Miller cover) Recorded during a rehearsal for Sandinista!.
The Clash - "White Man in Hammersmith Palais" (alternate version) This was recorded for the Rock Against Racism compilation. The more often heard version was issued as a single in the UK, and put on the debut album in the US.
The Clash with Mikey Dread - "Rockers Galore" B-side of "Train in Vain".
The Clash - "You Can't Judge a Book" (live) Recorded during a rehearsal for London Calling.
The Clash - "Cool Confusion" (alternate version) This was on Mick Jones' original mix of what later became Combat Rock, released on the bootleg Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg. A different mix of the song was released as the b-side to "Should I Stay or Should I Go", and later on the compilation Super Black Market Clash.

Official Clash albums:

The Clash, 1977 (buy UK version) (buy US version)
Give 'em Enough Rope, 1978 (buy)
London Calling, 1979 (buy) (buy special edition)
Sandinista!, 1980 (buy)
Combat Rock, 1982 (buy)
Cut the Crap, 1985 (buy) (without Mick Jones and Topper Headon - has since been disowned by all involved)
Super Black Market Clash, 1994 (buy) (rarities compilation)

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