11 August 2009


Here's some good news for the fans of power trio Super 400. They've got a new album coming out September 15th. Given what I've heard from it if you're a fan of their past albums, you will not be disappointed.

For those who haven't yet heard of Super 400, they're a band out of New York that play straight ahead classic rock. With generous nods to the masters like Zeppelin and Hendrix, but with a modern edge that makes it their own.

Comprised of drummer Joe Daley, Lori Friday on bass and vocals, and Kenny Hohman on guitar and vocals, they formed in the mid-nineties. They first hit the international scene when Island Records picked up their debut, self titled, album.

Like so many other bands at the turn of the millennium, they were unceremoniously dropped from the major when the label was bought up by another, and all the acts that hadn't yet hit big numbers were cut. Since then, the band has self released two more studio albums, and a live disc.

Next month, they'll release their fourth studio album, Sweet Fist, on the indie label Response Records. The band are very proud of the fact that, in this age of digital manipulation of music, this album was entirely recorded on analog equipment. A nice fit for their sound.

Here's a couple of tracks to give you a feel for the album:

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Super 400 - "Flashlight" The first single off the album, with lead vocals by Lori.
Super 400 - "Thorn Tree" (live) My personal favorite track on the album, this live version is taken from a show on the Live Music Archive. Several more songs from the new album can be heard on this same recording.

Super 400 albums:

Super 400, 1998
Blast the Message, 2004 (buy)
Live 05, 2005 (buy)
3 and the Beast, 2007 (buy)
Sweet Fist, 2009 (pre-order)

For more info, and music, you can check out their official site, the MySpace page, or their page on Last.FM.

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