21 August 2009


Here's a special post for those Nick Cave fans who were a little bit disappointed with the B-Sides and Rarities box set.

I still recommend the box set, it's definitely worth the money, but it short-changes the consumer just a bit on some tracks. Any of you who have listened to it are already aware that several tracks were edited in order to keep the total package down to three discs.

Many of us (or, at least, I) didn't realize this until we had already gotten rid of the mass of cd singles we had collected over the years. I've spent a good chunk of time and effort to try to get back the full length versions. I'm still missing a few - and there may be others that I haven't noticed a difference on, so if anyone can help complete the collection, feel free to help out.

Here's a bunch of the ones they shortened:

(files expired)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "The Train Song" (4:42) From "The Ship Song" single. Edited to 3:28 on the box set.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Helpless" (4:32) Neil Young cover from the tribute album The Bridge. 3:51 on the box set.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "God's Hotel" (3:16) Radio session released on Rare On Air, Volume One. 3:08 on the box, though to be fair, the extra time is just a bit of studio talk.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "(I'll Love You) Till the End of the World" (4:38) From the Until the End of the World soundtrack. (buy) 3:59 on the box set.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "What Can I Give You?" (5:26) From the "Jack the Ripper" single. 3:39 on the box set.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Sail Away" (4:36) From the "Do You Love Me?" single. Edited to 4:12 on the box set.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Sheep May Safely Graze" (4:50) Boatman's Call outtake. 4:14 on the box set. This one and the next are bootleg quality, they sound better on the box.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Opium Tea" (5:28) Boatman's Call outtake. 3:49 on the box set.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "She's Leaving You" (4:16) From the "Nature Boy" single. 4:00 on the box set.

I know there are at least four more originals that I haven't yet hunted down: "Nocturama" (4:37), "Everything Must Converge" (4:22), "Swing Low" (6:05), and "Shoot Me Down" (4:03).
Update: I found three of the four I was missing. I still need "Nocturama", if anyone out there has it.

Now, keep in mind that there are 56 tracks on the box, and these are all I've found that were shortened. Plus many of the tracks on the box have never been officially released before, so if you're a fan, it is well worth the money.

NC&TBS albums:

From Her to Eternity, 1984 (buy remaster)
The Firstborn is Dead, 1985 (buy remaster)
Kicking Against the Pricks, 1986 (buy remaster) (covers)
Your Funeral. . . My Trial, 1986 (buy remaster)
Tender Prey, 1988 (buy)
The Good Son, 1990 (buy)
Henry's Dream, 1992 (buy)
Let Love In, 1994 (buy)
Murder Ballads, 1996 (buy)
The Boatman's Call, 1997 (buy)
No More Shall We Part, 2001
Nocturama, 2003 (buy)
Abattoir Blues / the Lyre of Orpheus, 2004 (buy)
B-Sides and Rarities, 2005 (buy) (compilation)
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, 2008 (buy)

Several of the albums are getting a bit hard to come by at the moment. My guess is it's because of the remaster program. I can't wait for the next batch, three of my faves are in it.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You always have the most interesting "B" sides. I check your site about once a week and am just blown away by the things you come up with. Keep up the good work. A big thank you from Hawaii

Anonymous said...

Where do I start! Just found your blog. Nick Cave and William Shatner! Both GODS!Also thanks so much for the memory trip from this 40 something English 'import' residing in (musically defunct)Florida. Martin Stephenson & The Daintees! Skunk Anansie (I hung out with her at Teesside Polytechnic (Middlesbrough, England) when she was a student. GReat stuff.

DeadBilly said...

Always nice to hear people are enjoying the posts. Thanks for the compliments.

JC said...

I didn't know there were so many shortened songs in the box set (which I agree is a must if you're a fan but havent gotten hold of all the singles).


Morgan Wolf said...

Hey, DeadBilly, I'm gonna post this on Nick Fixes. Thank you! :)

DeadBilly said...

No problem. Nice to see you again.