07 July 2009


Today is 7/7, so it seems appropriate that I post another one of them 7 song circle things. Of the lists I've created, this one is probably my least favorite.

Don't get me wrong, there are some great tunes on the list, it's just that all but one of the connections are based solely on titles. I prefer to have a bit more variety throughout.

Oh well. I do what I can. At least 5 out of the 7 are non-album tracks.

On with the show:

(files expired)

1 UTwo - "Boy / Girl" (demo)
2 Iron & Wine - "Boy with a Coin" (alternate)
3 The Guggenheim Grotto - "Girl with the Cards"
4 Charlie Sexton with Shannon McNally - "American Girl" (live)
5 The_Cure - "Young Americans"
6 The Junk Monkeys - "Boys Don't Cry"
7 Blur - "Girls and Boys" (remix)

1 My first ever posting by the mighty band who's name I purposely misspelled in hopes of not attracting the attention of the take-down po-po. This is a demo version of a track from their first EP. A fully mastered version is now available as a bonus track on the re-issue of Boy. (buy deluxe)
2 An alternate version of the track from The Sheppard's Dog (buy), given out free and legally by the man himself on his website.
3 The only actual album track on the list, but then it should be no surprise that I'm a fan of The Grotto, and will feature them every chance I get. From Happy the Man. (buy)
4 A live Tom Petty Cover, courtesy of The Live Music Archive. The sound quality isn't great, but it's not real often I find any of Charlie's stuff. Maybe I should do a post on him someday.
5 A David Bowie cover, which was unreleased for many years, until Robert & Co. put out the rarities box set Join the Dots. (buy) So, it's kind of an album track now.
6 The Cure cover, performed by Detroit's own Junk Monkeys. This was a b-side of their single, "Bliss".
7 A remix of the classic song from Parklife. (buy) I used the remix in order to stick with the non-album theme. In all honesty, I think it's one of the worst remixes I've heard. The original is FAR better.

On an unrelated note, there are a few re-issues coming out today that visitors to this blog might be interested in:

Screaming Blue Messiahs - Gun Shy (buy)
Screaming Blue Messiahs - Bikini Red (buy)
Various Artists - Poet: A Tribute to Townes Van Zandt (buy)


BeckEye said...

Most remixes are bad. I'd rather not hear that Blur remix because I might get very angry. :)

The only remixes in recent memory that I can think of that actually improved on the original songs are Timbaland's reworking of OneRepublic's "Apologize" and the 25 Hours a Day remix of Phoenix's "Long Distance Call."

DeadBilly said...

You're not missing much on this one. It's incredibly repetitive and annoying - that's why I put the little disclaimer in the notes.

I haven't heard either of the ones you mentioned. Maybe I'll give them a shot, but like you, I generally don't like remixes.