03 July 2009


Most folks who wander by this blog are already familiar with American folk / rock / Americana band Grant Lee Buffalo. They may never have had a top forty hit, but they did garner a large following during their years together.

They also contributed to a number of popular soundtracks, giving them a wider audience. Most notably, they recorded several songs for the cult classic movie Velvet Goldmine.

Here's a couple of live EPs they issued to promote their first two albums. The first one, Buffalondon, was recorded at the ICA on September 15, 1993. The second, Honey Don't Think, was recorded at The Empire in London on October 11, 1994.

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Buffalondon Live EP:
Grant Lee Buffalo - "The Shining Hour"
Grant Lee Buffalo - "For the Turnstiles" (Neil Young cover)
Grant Lee Buffalo - "Grace"
Grant Lee Buffalo - "America Snoring"
Download the whole thing in one rar here.

Honey Don't Think live promo EP:
Grant Lee Buffalo - "It's the Life"
Grant Lee Buffalo - "Mockingbirds"
Grant Lee Buffalo - "Wish You Well"
Grant Lee Buffalo - "Honey Don't Think"
Grant Lee Buffalo - "Last Days of Tecumseh"
Download the whole thing in one rar here.

Fuzzy EP (recorded live at Park West, Chicago 1993)
Grant Lee Buffalo - "Jupiter and Teardrop"
Grant Lee Buffalo - "Wish You Well"
Grant Lee Buffalo - "Burning Love" (Elvis cover)
Download the whole thing in one rar here.


Fuzzy, 1993 (buy)
Mighty Joe Moon, 1994
Copperopolis, 1996 (buy)
Jubilee, 1998 (buy)
Storm Hymnal, 2001 (buy) (best-of and rare compilation)

I also have the El Dorado Motorhome promotional video. If there are fans out there interested, I may up it for them.


deadboy said...

Many thanks for the Grant Lee Buffalo, especially Honey Don't Think EP.

Anonymous said...

thanks dude

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that. GLB was so great.

DeadBilly said...

Y'all are welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tracks! Any chance of El Dorado Motorhome being uploaded?

DeadBilly said...

I've been trying to transfer the VHS of El Dorado Motorhome to my hard drive, but it seems to be resisting being digitized. I may upload it as is, but it does have several glitches in the video, even though the tape plays fine.

Migrant said...

Would love to watch the El Dorado Motorhome video in full. Anyone out there with a descent electronic copy of this?