10 July 2009


Scottish musician Edwyn Collins first rose to fame in the early eighties, with his band Orange Juice. They had one big hit in the UK, "Rip It Up", and after trying for a while to repeat that success, they broke up.

Edwyn then went solo. He issued several singles, and a couple of albums throughout the rest of the eighties and early nineties, with critical acclaim, but not much commercial success.

Then, around 1994, I was working at the oft-mentioned record store, when we received an advanced copy of his third album, Gorgeous George. At the time, Edwyn was completely unknown to me, but one of my co-workers became a great deal excited when he saw it. He immediatly popped it on, and by the time Edwyn was making his lengthy diatribe againt modern music in the first song, I was hooked.

This was also the album that gave him his one and only massive international hit, "A Girl Like You".

He continued releasing critically acclaimed albums, and producing for the likes of The Proclaimers and The Cribs, until suffering a cerebral hemmorage in 2005. He had just finished recording a new album at the time, and after his release from the hospitol, he finished the production and it was released in 2007. The following year, he returned to the live stage, though he can no longer play his guitar due to the remaining effects of the hemmorage.

Here's a batch of songs you won't find on his albums:

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Edwyn Collins - "Occupy Your Mind" B-side of one of the many "A Girl Like You" singles.
Edwyn Collins - "The Gospel According to Tony Day" (David Bowie cover) From the Starman tribute compilation given out with an issue of Uncut Magazine.
Edwyn Collins - "A Girl Like You" (live) Performed on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on October 10, 1995, and released on the compilation, Live From 6A.
Edwyn Collins - "If Ever You're Ready" B-side of "Don't Shilly Shally".
Paul Quinn and Edwyn Collins - "Pale Blue Eyes" (Velvet Underground cover) Edwyn's first non-Orange Juice release. From the Punk Rock Hotel soundtrack.
Edwyn Collins - "1977" (The Clash cover) Another Uncut Magazine exclusive. This one is from their White Riot, Vol. One compilation.

Solo albums:

Hope and Despair, 1989 (buy)
Hellbent On Comprimise, 1990 (buy)
Gorgeous George, 1994 (buy)
I'm Not Following You, 1997
Doctor Syntax, 2002 (buy)
Home Again, 2007 (buy)


Anonymous said...

saw him friday night at t in the park. strangely after hiss illness he sings perfectly but struggles talking. great to hear rip it up.

JC said...

thanks a lot for these. 'Tony Day' was completely new to me.