02 June 2009


Not exactly a huge response to the first circle I posted last week. No big deal. I'm just posting 'em for the fun of it.

Most people don't comment when they drop by anyway, even if they do like the music. That's never bothered me much. I'm a pretty shy person by nature, too. It's rare I comment on any of the blogs I frequent.

Anyway, whether you like it or not, here's number two:

(files expired)

1 Tom Jones - "A Girl Like You"
2 Tom Jones - "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor" (live)
3 Arctic Monkeys - "Diamonds Are Forever" (live)
4 Propellerheads with Miss Shirley Bassey - "History Repeating"
5 Pearl Jam with Neil and Tim Finn - "History Never Repeats" (live)
6 Mookie Blaylock - "Just a Girl" (demo)
7 The Smithereens - "A Girl Like You" (Strip Club Version)

1 A Wolfgang Press cover from the out-of-print album The Lead and How To Swing It, which also features a fantastic Rise Robots Rise cover.
2 Arctic Monkeys cover recorded at the Princess Diana tribute concert. (buy)
3 Shirley Bassey cover recorded at Glastonbury in 2007.
4 From Decksandrumsnadrockandroll. (buy)
5 Split Ends cover (with 2 of them guesting) released on one of PJ's Ten Club singles. (join)
6 Mookie was Pearl Jam before they took their more famous name. A re-mastered version of this is on the new Ten. (buy) (buy w/DVD) (buy w/vinyl) This copy is from a much lower quality bootleg. (And, yes, I did pay the money for the official high quality re-issue - it's worth it.)
7 Originally issued as a b-side (then titled "A Girl Like You: Part Two"), and later on the now out-of-print compilation Attack of The Smithereens.

Hey, I actually fit in a bunch of rarer stuff this time around. Yeah me.

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