05 June 2009


I did a post on Irish band The Guggenheim Grotto a few months back. Since then they've toured the States (but not my state), gone back home, and come back again.

I recently stumbled upon a live recording done for the folks over at NPR while they were over here, and figured I'd put it up here for all to enjoy. While I'm at it, I'm putting up a collection of other radio sessions they did for their first album.

Most of these are from streaming audio, so don't expect perfection.

(files expired)

These first four are from the recent NPR show. An acoustic set with just Kevin and Mick, recorded in April. The original version of the first track is from the Tigers ep, the rest are on Happy the Man.
The Guggenheim Grotto - "The Universe is Laughing"
The Guggenheim Grotto - "Her Beautiful Ideas"
The Guggenheim Grotto - "Lost Forever And"
The Guggenheim Grotto - "Just Not Just"

Some tracks from a KCRW session done in London in 2006, with the full band (4 guys, at the time). The first two tracks are from the Lifetime in Heat ep, the third was unreleased at the time, but after some electronic influences were added, wound up as a single from Happy the Man.
The Guggenheim Grotto - "A Tear Isn't Such a Bad Thing"
The Guggenheim Grotto - "A Lifetime In Heat"
The Guggenheim Grotto - "Her Beautiful Ideas"

Some older acoustic sessions, from the touring promoting Waltzing Alone:
The Guggenheim Grotto - "I Think I Love You" (World Cafe, Sept. 06)
The Guggenheim Grotto - "Told You So" (World Cafe Sept. 06)
The Guggenheim Grotto - "Philosophia" (FLRT radio session May 06)
The Guggenheim Grotto - "Wonderful Wizard" (Arden Session, date unknown)

Listen to the full KCRW session here. Listen to the full World Cafe session here.

Get there music here:

A Lifetime in Heat, 2004 (get free mp3) (ep)
. . . Waltzing Alone, 2005 (buy cd) (buy mp3)
Told You So, 2007 (buy mp3) (ep)
Tigers, 2008 (buy mp3) (ep)
Happy the Man, 2008 (buy cd) (buy mp3)

They're touring The States again, and again they're not hitting my state:

June 06 Norfolk, CT Infinity Hall
June 07 Elmer, NJ Appel Farms Arts & Music Centre
June 09 Exton, PA Eagleview Concert in the Square
June 10 Bearsville, NY Bearsville Theater
June 11 Albany, NY The Linda
June 12 Chester, NY Bodles Opera House
June 13 Staten Island, NY House Concert
June 14 Larchmont, NY Watercolor Cafe
June 17 Portland, ME One Longfellow Square
June 19 Detroit, MI The Whitney Restaurant
June 21 Detroit, MI River Days Festival
June 24 Louisville, KY WFPK's Waterfront Wednesday
June 30 New York, NY The Living Room
July 01 Vienna, VA Jammin Java
July 02 Baltimore, MD WTMD First Thursday Concert
July 09 Easton, MD NightCat
July 10 Greensburg, PA St Clari Park Amph.
July 11 Oxford, MI Karen Joy Theatre at Upland Hills
July 12 Ann Arbor, MI Black Crystal Cafe
July 14 Evanston, IL S.P.A.C.E.
July 17 Red Bank, NJ Riverside Gardens Park

Check out their Myspace page, or their official home page for details.


Peter N said...

Great post and thanks so much for supporting the best of Irish Music. Just to let you know that Tagdh Cooke is doing the support for these shows and he is well worth turning up early to the shows for!

DeadBilly said...

Thanks Peter. I only know of Tagdh from the posts on your page, but what I've heard I like. Now if the guys would travel further west, I might have a shot at seeing them myself.

IndieLimerick said...

Great post, I have a gig review of the grotto on my blog http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/ if you wanna take a look, cheers!

DeadBilly said...

Nice blog you've got there. For those who want to see the review, as well as some video footage of the band in action, the full URL for the post is: http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/2009/05/guggenheim-grotto-live-at-dolans.html