01 May 2009


I had initially set this post up for about a month ago. Right about then, the b-sides for "Breath Deeply Now" started showing up at a couple of other blogs. I didn't want to look like I was jumping on the band wagon, so I pushed it back until now. Let me know if any links have expired in the interim.

British band This Picture formed in the late eighties, and stuck around until the mid-nineties, releasing two albums while they were together. They never really made a big splash, likely because their style was sort of Joshua Tree-era U2, while radio had already moved on to heavier grunge stuff.

They did have their share of fans, though. I was rather fond of the single “Naked Rain”, but then I’ve always been a sucker for rock songs with fiddles.

Here’s some of the b-sides off 3 of their singles. All of these are from 1991, the year of their first album.

(all files expired)

This Picture - “Naked Rain” I figured I’d put up the a-side to this one, since it was the closest thing they had to a hit.
This Picture - “With You I Can Never Win” B-side of “Naked Rain”, also later issued as an a-side between albums.
This Picture - “Blacker Than” B-side of “Stronger Than Life Itself”
This Picture - “Not Whole, Not Half, Not Man” B-side of “Stronger Than Life Itself”
This Picture - “When Your Eyes Are Closed” B-side of “Stronger Than Life Itself”
This Picture - “The Offering” B-side of “Breathe Deeply Now”
This Picture - “Death’s Sweet Religion” (Acoustic Version) B-side of “Breathe Deeply Now”, original version on A Violent Impression.
This Picture - “I Can’t Help Myself” B-side of “Breathe Deeply Now”

This Picture discography:

A Violent Impression, 1991
City of Sin, 1994

Both albums are out of print, but can be found in many used cd shops.

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