05 May 2009


Something a little different for my blog. Usually, I stick to just the rarer songs by various bands I like. This time I'm going to try to hype an album that I've become addicted to as of late.

Wake The President are a Scottish band whose debut album, You Can't Change That Boy, was recently released overseas, and is due to be released in The States in a couple weeks.

They play a sort-of jangle pop with a thick (by my standards, anyway) Scottish accent. Sort of like The Proclaimers, with more edge and less harmonizing.
Though, that doesn't really do them justice. A bit like Frightened Rabbit is probably a closer match.

As I mentioned a while back, I recently lost my job. Naturally, given that situation, my mood has at times not been the cheeriest. This album has managed to brighten me up several times while driving around, checking out leads.

It's been a while since a new album did that for me - the first albums by The Fratellis and Arctic Monkeys both held that honor back when they were issued.

So, anyway, try a couple of songs out for yourself. If you like them, buy the album. It's out either May 19th or 26th (Amazon says one thing, the band's myspace says the other).

(all files expired)

Two tracks from You Can't Change That Boy (buy):
Wake The President - "Professor"
Wake The President - "Mail, Alice"

Two rarer songs (in low quality) from streaming audio on their home page:
Wake The President - "I'm Sorry"
Wake The President - "Sorrow for Clothes"

Now, hopefully, they'll tour over here sometime soon.

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