19 May 2009

PADDY CASEY at SxSW (revisited)

I got a decent response when I uploaded the audio of The Proclaimers' SxSW show a little while back. I figured I'd do the same for the Paddy Casey show from the previous year.

For those who didn't catch it when I uploaded the video a while back - this is from a show Paddy did at the Lone Star Lounge in Austin, Texas. Filmed for a satellite TV broadcast in the early afternoon of March 14, 2008. It's just Paddy and his guitar with Fiona Melady on keyboards.

The audio mix isn't the best I've ever heard. The vocals are a bit "hot" causing some clipping on louder notes, and Fiona's backing vocals are just as loud as Paddy's lead. Particularly noticable in "Fear".

All in all, it's still a good show, and there's so little of Paddy's stuff floating around the net that I wanted to get this out there for his fans.

(all files expired)

Set list:
Sweet Suburban Sky
Refugee (sample)
Whatever Gets You True
Not Out To Get You
You'll Get By
It's Over Now

(Get It Here)

I also included the interview sections that were interspersed throughout the broadcast (though I separated them from the music portion), and put in front and back covers.

Support the artist:

Amen (So Be It), 1999 (buy)
Living, 2004 (buy)
Addicted To Company (Part 1), 2008 (buy)

In other music news: the first four Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds remasters are being released today. Go get 'em.
From Her to Eternity (buy)
The Firstborn is Dead (buy)
Kicking Against the Pricks (buy)
Your Funeral. . . My Trial (buy)

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