15 May 2009

k.d. lang

How's this for an extreme change from the last post. Going from the hard-edged adrenaline pumped American rock of Henry Rollins to the torch-song and twang of Canadian songstress k.d. lang.

Katherine Dawn Lang hails from Alberta, Canada. She began her career in country music there, forming a Patsy Cline tribute band called The Reclines. The Reclines quickly moved away from just being a cover band, and released their debut album, A Truly Western Experience, in 1984.

In the years since then, k.d. has gone solo, become a world-wide headliner, and taken on many different styles of music. Though still often categorized as a country act, these days she's more often singing torch songs, or jazz standards, or dance music.

Here's some of the songs that aren't on her albums:

(files expired)

k.d. lang - "Golden Slumbers / The End" (Beatles covers) From the soundtrack to the kids' film Happy Feet. (buy)
Madeleine Peyroux with k.d. lang - "River" (Joni Mitchell cover) From Madeleine's album Half the Perfect World. (buy)
k.d. lang - "Miss Chatelaine" (St. Tropez mix) A dancier version than the one on the album (from Ingénue) released as a single.
k.d. lang - "Surrender" The main theme from the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.
Ann Wilson with k.d. lang - "Jackson" (Lieber/Wheeler cover) Ann is the lead singer of Heart. This is from her solo album, Hope & Glory. (buy)
k.d. lang - "So In Love" (Cole Porter cover) From the benefit album Red Hot + Blue (buy), which also has covers by The Pogues, Kirsty MacColl, Sinead O'Connor, Tom Waits. . .
Tony Bennett with k.d. lang - "Keep the Faith, Baby" k.d. recorded one full album with the legendary Tony Bennett, and has made guest appearances on 3 of his other albums. This is from Playing with My Friends. (buy)

Buy some k.d. lang albums:

A Truly Western Experience, 1984 (buy) (with The Reclines)
Angel with a Lariat, 1987 (buy) (with The Reclines)
Shadowland, 1988 (buy)
Absolute Torch and Twang, 1989 (buy)
Ingénue, 1992 (buy)
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, 1993 (buy) (soundtrack)
All You Can Eat, 1995 (buy)
Drag, 1997 (buy) (covers)
Invincible Summer, 2000 (buy)
A Wonderful World, 2002 (buy) (with Tony Bennett)
Hymns of the 49th Parallel, 2004 (buy) (covers)
Watershed, 2008 (buy)

Maybe someday she'll do a duet with Henry Rollins. That'd be sweet!


Gabriel said...

Thank you for the kd stuff...very cool and much appreciated!

DeadBilly said...

Glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by.

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