22 May 2009


I recently saw another blog post the classic Midnight Oil album Red Sails in the Sunset. That reminded me that I have a demo of a vocal version of their song "Bakerman" laying around that I hadn't posted here. While I'm upping that, I may as well put a few more goodies up and make a full post of it.

Now, I'm pretty sure everyone who drops by my blog is already aware of Australia's Midnight Oil. Who among you hasn't heard "Beds Are Burning"?

They officially broke up a few years back, when lead singer Peter Garrett went into politics full time. They have re-formed a couple of times since then, to perform at benefit shows.

Here's some tracks that aren't available on their albums. The sound quality on some of these isn't top notch, as most are from bootlegs.

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Midnight Oil - "Bakerman" (demo with vocals) The one that started me on the way to this post. The very different instrumental version is on Red Sails in the Sunset.
Midnight Oil - "Know Your Product" (live The Saints cover) Covering another legendary Australian band. This is a bootleg recording from a concert in 1990.
Midnight Oil - "Kiss That Girl" A bonus track on some versions of their final album, Capricornia.
Midnight Oil - "Khartoum" (demo) An unreleased song from a Postcard-era demo tape.
Midnight Oil - "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" (Eric Bogle cover) This is from a WXRT radio session. Though it was written by Eric Bogle, many people know it better through The Pogues version.
Midnight Oil - "Parking Station Blues" (demo) Another unreleased song. This one is from the Red Sails-era demos.
Midnight Oil - "Tell Me the Truth" (acoustic version) From the AlternativeNRG compilation of music recorded with solar power. A mellow version of the rocker from Earth and Sun and Moon.

Buy some of their tunes:

Midnight Oil, 1978
Head Injuries, 1979 (buy)
Bird Noises, 1980 (ep)
Place Without a Postcard, 1981
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1982 (buy import)
Red Sail in the Sunset, 1984 (buy import)
Species Deceases, 1985 (buy) (ep)
Diesel and Dust, 1987 (buy) (buy remaster)
Blue Sky Mining, 1990 (buy)
Scream in Blue, 1992 (buy) (live)
Earth and Sun and Moon, 1993 (buy)
Breathe, 1996
Redneck Wonderland, 1998
The Real Thing, 2000 (buy import) (acoustic live)
Capricornia, 2002 (buy)

Oh, and I still haven't hunted down their studio version of "Peace, Love & Understanding". If anyone out there has a copy. . .?

In local news: The gang from MST3K will be making an appearance at Hoodlum's Music today at 3pm, and performing at the Mesa Arts Center at 8pm today and tomorrow.

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