21 February 2009


I posted on British "goth" band The Bolshoi once before. That was quite a little while ago, but I've noticed my page has gotten many hits from folks searching for their music. I figured I'd put a bit more up for their fans.

Several of their singles were issued in limited edition packages under the title Give It Some... Each of these limited versions contained two live tracks recorded at London's Town and Country.

Here's the lot of them. Each volume is presented in reverse order due to "AWay" being introduced as "the last song":

(files expired)

The Bolshoi - "Modern Man" (live) Give It Some. . . Volume 3
The Bolshoi - "Looking For a Life to Lose" (live) Give It Some. . . Volume 3
The Bolshoi - "Family Farm" (live) Give It Some. . . Volume 2
The Bolshoi - "Pardon Me" (live) Give It Some. . . Volume 2
The Bolshoi - "AWay" (live) Give It Some. . . Volume 1
The Bolshoi - "Billy Jean" (live Michael Jackson cover) Give It Some. . . Volume 1
"Family Farm" and "Billie Jean" were only available on these singles. Original versions of all others are on Friends.
. . .and a bonus b-side: The Bolshoi - "MFP" After hearing this you might wonder how a band with such a sence of humor could be lumped in with "goth" music. Taken from the "Sunday Morning" single.

The Bolshoi discography:

Giants, 1985 (ep) (buy expanded import)
Friends, 1986
Lindy's Party, 1987

Also, for those interested, I have re-upped the Peter Gabriel files by request. Get 'em here.

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