06 February 2009


Another quick one this week. Work's going to keep me mighty busy for the next few weeks, so I'm trying to get a few short posts in when I have a few minutes.

Bob Mould has been performing in various guises since the late 1970s. Starting out in the punk band Hüsker Dü, they released a barrage of critically acclaimed albums, and became one of the first "alternative" bands signed to a major label.

After a decade of recording and touring, the band broke up. Bob took some time to find a new voice and returned a few years later with his first solo album, Workbook. The introspective moody songs on Workbook were a big change from the full-on guitar brash of his previous band, and that turned some of the old fans off. Many others, though (myself included), consider it one of his best works.

After a couple of solo albums, he formed a new band. Calling themselves Sugar, they made quite a bit of a splash in the college-rock scene of the 90s. Sugar lasted a few years, and then it was time to move on again.

Since those days, Bob has again been recording as a solo artist, trying out new styles along the way. Occasionally recording under other monikers (LoudBomb), and touring both solo, and with bands.

Here's just a few things that aren't on his albums. Listen, then go buy the albums.

(all files expired)

From the "Egoverride" single:

Bob Mould - "Wanted Was"

Bob Mould - "Eternally Fried"
Bob Mould - "Doubleface"

From Sugar's "If I Can't Change Your Mind" single:

Sugar - "The Slim" (BBC Session)

Sugar - "If I Can't Change Your Mind" (BBC Session)

Sugar - "Where Diamonds Are Halos" (BBC Session)

Recorded at BBC Studio 4, London. First aired August 24, 1992.

Bob Mould solo discography:

, 1989 (buy)

Black Sheets of Rain
, 1990 (buy)

Bob Mould
, 1996 (buy)

The Last Dog and Pony Show
, 1998 (buy)

, 2002

Body of Song
, 2005 (buy)

District Line
, 2008 (buy)

If you've never heard Bob's stuff, try out "If I Can't Change Your Mind", then pick up
Workbook, or Sugar's Copper Blue(buy). You won't be disappointed.


KingSizeMong said...

Thanks for these.

Everybody should have Copper Blue in their collection.

I have the compilation of stuff from the era of his 2 first solo albums "Poison Years" over on my blog - http://puppystrangler.blogspot.com/2008/11/bob-mould-poison-years.html

The dotted U thing -
Hold down the Alt key and using the numeric pad use 0220 for Ü and 0252 for ü

bob said...

another great post

DeadBilly said...

KingSizeMong - I came across your post a few weeks back, and was happy to get the live tracks. I've had the title track on a promo comp. for years, but hadn't heard the rest of them.

bob & KSM - thanks for dropping by & leaving comments. It's always nice to know someone appreciates my little blog.

Roisin O Shea said...

HI great post as usual; any chance you repost Egoverride tracks by Bob Mould


Roisin O Shea said...

HI great post as usual; any chance you repost Egoverride tracks by Bob Mould