28 January 2009


I almost feel kind of bad posting this one so soon after the post on Tricky. He and Finley Quaye
are blood relatives (though I've heard different stories as to exactly how they're related), but last I heard, they weren't exactly on speaking terms. Oh well, I doubt either of them will be dropping by here any time soon.

Finley was born in Scotland, but grew up in London. His father and grandfather were both jazz musicians (though he didn't meet his father until he had started his own music career).

Rather than following in his relative's footsteps, Finley's style is modern reggae. His first album was a hit in his native land, but didn't cause much of a stir over here. He followed that up with two more albums, which I'm told had a completely different sound to them (I haven't heard them myself), before being dropped from his label.

I haven't got a huge amount of rare stuff from him, but after listening to some stuff posted on another blog, I wanted to share what I have.

(files expired)

Finley Quaye - "Your Love Gets Sweeter" (Abbey Road version) From the single of the same name. The original version is on Maverick A Strike.
Finley Quaye - "Everybody Knows" B-side of one of the "Your Love Gets Sweeter" singles.

Finley Quaye - "Le Saint Des Delinquents" The other B-side of that single.

Finley Quaye - "Can't Be Left Alone" B-side of the other "Your Love Gets Sweeter" single.

Finley Quaye - "Maverick A Dub" The other B-side from the other single.

If you like these, Moody Places has a couple more Finley Quaye singles up for grabs. Go get 'em.

Finley Quaye discography:

Maverick A Strike
,1997 (buy)

,2000 (buy)

Much More Than Much Love
,2004 (buy)


Juan Duque said...

Hey DB

sorry i was so late on the reup!!! I'm a lazy blogger, if you hadn's noticed! Well it's good that you got the tunes anyway.



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DeadBilly said...

Thank you's are never off topic in my book.

Thanks for dropping by.