23 January 2009


Deacon Blue were a band out of Glasgow, Scotland. They formed in the mid-eighties, and made it big with their debut album, Raintown.

Big critically that is. Some of their later albums gave them more commercial success, but Raintown remains both the critical favorite, and many of their fans' most loved album.

I'm among the latter. The first song I heard from them, "Dignity", is still my favorite. The album, a georgeous mix of pop and blue-eyed soul, still gets played quite often on the way to work.

I can't say I've listened to much of what they put out after that. I did hear the follow up album, When the World Knows Your Name, and it just didn't hit me the way that first one did. Maybe someone more familiar with the body of their work can let me know if there's more worth picking up.

All of these b-sides are from the Raintown era. Many of them were issued on a very limited edition album called Riches, which was given away with some copies of Raintown. I didn't have the good fortune to get one of those. If you did, there's still a few here that weren't on it.

(files expired)

Deacon Blue - "Riches" B-side of the first single, "Dignity", and the title track of the rare b-side compilation mentioned above.
Deacon Blue - "Which Side Are You On?" This is an old folk song, done by many many people over the years (I first heard it thanks to Billy Bragg). Deacon Blue's version was issued as the b-side of the "Dignity" 12" single.
Deacon Blue - "S.H.A.R.O.N." B-side of the "Choclate Girl" single.
Deacon Blue - "Kings of the Western World" B-side of the "Loaded" single, and a bonus track on the Raintown cd, except here in America.
Deacon Blue - "Raintown" (Piano Version) Recorded for a Radio 1 session, and issued on a re-release of "Dignity".
Deacon Blue - "Long Distance from Just Across the Road" B-side of the "Loaded" single.
Deacon Blue - "Disneyworld" B-side of the "When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)" single.

Deacon Blue discography:

Raintown, 1987
When the World Knows Your Name, 1989 (buy)
Fellow Hoodlums, 1991 (buy)
Whatever You Say, Say Nothing, 1993 (buy)
Walking Back Home, 1999
Homesick, 2001

Unfortunately, Raintown appears to be out-of-print in The States. Pick up a copy used, if you can find it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a goldmine! Thanks for these. Most groups should only wish their A sides were as good as these B sides.