17 January 2009


(Adrian Thaws) was one of the architects of the Trip-Hop sound. Though he began in his native England as a rapper, he didn't want to be a one trick pony, feeling that if rap ever lost it's steam, he'd be out of a job.

So, he began incorporating other musical styles into his hip hop roots. Hooking up with the like-minded band Massive Attack, he began his recording career.

After working on several songs for Massive Attack's first couple of albums, Tricky lfinished off his own solo album, Maxinquaye. Though "solo" is a relative term. He has always collaborated with multiple guests from varying backgrounds. Notably his long time relationship with singer Martina Topely-Bird.

Throughout his nearly 20 years as a recording artist, he has continued to allow his sound to evolve. Sometimes heavier, sometimes more psychedelic, but always with at least a hint of what has become known as Trip-Hop.

Here's some stuff you won't find on his albums:

(files expired)

Tricky - "Makes Me Wanna Die" (acoustic version) Not really acoustic, but with acoustic overtones. From the single of the same name. The original version is on Pre-Millennium Tension.
Tricky - "Pop Muzik" (M cover) B-side of the "For Real" single.
Terry Hall with Tricky - "Ghost Town" (live Specials cover) Recorded at Sheperd's Bush Empire, August 3, 1995. Released on Terry's Rainbows EP.
Tricky - "Divine Comedy" Parental advisory on this one. Tricky was a tad bit angry about a statement made by a Polygram exec. He recorded this to let them know. Released on the Mission Accomplished EP.
Tricky - "Smoking Beagles" B-side of the "Tricky Kid" single.
Tricky - "Tear Out My Eyes" (early live version) Recorded for Sessions at West 54th, the music here would eventually be split from the lyrics & become two separate tracks. By the time the album version came out, I had heard this one so many times that I can't listen to the official version. It just doesn't sound right to me.
Tricky - "Slowly" From the Forces of Nature soundtrack. Yeah, it's a chick flick, but the soundtrack's not too shabby.

Tricky discography:

Maxinquaye, 1995 (buy) (named after his mother, Maxine Quaye)
Nearly God, 1996
Pre-Millennium Tension, 1996 (buy)
Angels with Dirty Faces, 1998 (buy)
Juxtapose, 1999 (buy) (with DJ Muggs and Grease)
Blowback, 2001 (buy)
Vulnerable, 2003 (buy)
Knowle West Boy, 2008 (buy)


Invisible Green said...

Thanks so much for these! The only one of these I had was "Divine Comedy."

DeadBilly said...

Glad I could help you out. Thanks for stopping by.

aerolls said...

Can you please re-upload? Would love to hear these? Thank you for sharing!