11 January 2009


The strangest thing happened the other day. I was looking through my TV listings, trying to find something interesting to watch, when I noticed a listing simply titled "Paddy Casey".

My immediate thought was, there's no possible way that it could be The Paddy Casey, the Irish musician who's virtually unknown here in The States. Naturally, I had to take a look at it, and just in case, I set my DVR to record it.

Obviously, it was the man himself. Otherwise why would I be posting this with a picture of him next to it?

Turns out one of the lesser known channels was showing a concert filmed last year in Austin, Texas. Nearly an hour of his music, and some interview clips.

And now, because Paddy deserves all the hype he can get, I pass the show on to you.

One thing I did notice while watching this, though. The audience really didn't seem too overly enthusiastic. After doing a bit of research, I found out it was filmed at 2:00 in the afternoon (not exactly a magic hour for live music) at a South by South West Festival show. For those who are unfamiliar with SXSW, it's an industry showcase. Many music fans attend it as well, but it typically has its fair share of jaded industry folk.

Thus, Paddy gets quite a bit of polite clapping, but very little else. Also, the audio is mixed too loud, so there is a small amount of distortion at times. All in all though, it's mighty nice to see him getting some publicity Stateside.

(All files have expired)

If you want the entire show, complete with interviews and a makeshift cover, you can grab the very large mpg here.

For those who don't want to, or simply can't, download a file that large (thanks to Peter for pointing that out to me), here's a few of the individual songs:

Paddy Casey - "Refugee" (live at SXSW) From Addicted To Company.
Paddy Casey - "Whatever Gets You True" (live at SXSW) From Amen (So Be It).
Paddy Casey - "Not Out To Get You" (live at SXSW) From Addicted To Company.

Paddy Casey discography:

Amen (So Be It), 1999 (buy)
Livin', 2004 (buy)
Addicted To Company, Pt. 1, 2007 (buy)

UPDATE: Paddy has posted a bunch of his covers over here, including his cover of Arcade Fire's "Intervention".


Paddy Casey said...

thanks..nice of U to say..Paddy

DeadBilly said...

Wow. Thanks for stopping by. More so, thanks for the music.