12 December 2008


Tom Waits - "Silent Night" I was going to post "Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis", but that one is usually all over the blogs this time of year. Then I remembered that Tom had recorded this one for a charity album back in 1989. I thought the lesser known song was more appropriate for mine, though "Christmas Card. . ." is still a favorite of mine.

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Roky Manson, I'm From Hollywood said...

Tom Waits' rendition is amazing! I've never heard this before. What is the name of the charity compilation it originally comes from?

DeadBilly said...

The album was called SOS United. Here's a blurb about it from All Music Guide:

"This compilation was created to help raise money for the SOS Children's Villages organization (www.sos-kd.org). It features the singing of over a dozen children from different countries, as well as guest appearances by Manfred Mann's Chris Tompson (on "Lullaby for Grownups") and Tom Waits (on "Silent Night"). ~ Joslyn Layne, All Music Guide"