15 March 2008


INXS was formed in Sydney, Australia in 1977. They had a string of hits in Australia in the early eighties, and made it big world wide a few years later.

You probably know the rest of the story. They kept going fairly strong until 1997, when lead singer Michael Hutchence was found dead in his hotel room. His death was ruled a suicide, though his baby-mama, Paula Yates, hinted at it being the result of a sex act.

Soon after, Paula O.D.’d, and their only child (Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence - Yates had a way with naming her kids) was adopted by her ex-husband Bob Geldof, so she could be raised with her three half sisters (Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa, and Little Pixie Geldof). But none of that has to do with INXS.

Anyway, throughout their career, INXS released many non-album b-sides. Many of which are unusual little instrumental tracks. For my posting here, I mainly stuck to the vocal tracks (though the vocals aren’t always done by Hutchence on these).

(files expired)

INXS - “Phantim of the Opera” No, that’s not a typo. B-side of “The One Thing”.
INXS - “Long In Tooth” B-side of “Don’t Change”.
INXS - “You Never Used To Cry” B-side of “To Look At You”.
INXS - “Sweat As Sin” B-side of the monster hit “What You Need”.
INXS - “Six Knots” B-side of “Listen Like Thieves”.
INXS - “Different World” Another b-side of “Listen Like Thieves”.

INXS Discography (Michael Hutchence years):

INXS, 1980
Underneath The Colours, 1981
Shabooh Shoobah, 1982 (buy)
The Swing, 1984 (buy)
Listen Like Thieves, 1985 (buy)
KICK, 1987 (buy)
X, 1990 (buy)
Welcome To Wherever You Are, 1992 (buy)
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, 1993
Elegantly Wasted, 1997

INXS continues with new lead singer, the oddly named reality TV star J.D. Fortune. Many of us fans wish they could have made a go of it with temporary lead singer Terence Trent D’Arby, but life goes on.


Martín said...

Thank you for this nice tracks! INXS is one of my favourite bands and these days i'm in a INXS fever searching and searching files over the net and sharing my files with others fans so i like to know if you can post more stuff and if i can send you some links to download some bootlegs (SBD quality!), ok?



DeadBilly said...

Thanks for the comment, Argentino. I had the pleasure of seeing them live once, during the Kick Off Tour (just before Kick was released).

E-mail me (deadbilly_88@mail.com) with a list of what you're still looking for, and I'll see if I have it, or know where you can get it.

ekko said...

I dig your blog. I just posted Michael Hutchense's tune with Joe Strummer. Come by if you're interested.

DeadBilly said...

Thanks for the comment, ekko. Nice to know someone likes my little corner of the net.

Martín said...

Hi deadbilly!

I'm the same "MartíN" who ask for more INXS last months ago!

I send you and email last days to the adress you write after my previous message and i like to know if you read it yet!



Anonymous said...

Je cherche les b-sides de "welcome to wherever you are" & sing someting & b'sides of dissappear, by my side and suicide blonde

DeadBilly said...


mrs_inxs said...

Thanks a lot for the tracks. They are really difficult to find, and you are so kindly to post them.
I really love INXS and its music.