28 March 2008


By request. . .Here’s some more INXS.

Most of ‘em are good quality. One of them is really really scratchy (recorded from vinyl) and one of them is really low bit rate, but it’s the best I could get.


(files expired)

INXS - “Space Shuttle” B-side of “The One Thing” 12” single.
INXS - “Go West” B-side of “Don’t Change” single. This is the scratchy one. Sorry, but it’s the only copy I’ve come across.
INXS - “Mechanical” B-side of “I Send a Message” single.
INXS - “The Harbour” From the “Dancing On the Jetty” single.
INXS - “I’m Over You” From the “What You Need” 12” single.
INXS - “Smoke On the Water” (live Deep Purple cover) It seems this was not the b-side of a fan-club only single, as I had thought. Now I don't know what the origin of the recording is. Doesn't matter, though. It's a good song.

Now, go buy some of their albums (listed back here)


Anonymous said...

You little Anzac! Great work deadbilly ... That scratch in Go West is actually in time with the beat! All the best mate, Krem

DeadBilly said...

Thanks for the comment. . .though I'm sure what an Anzac is. I'll assume it's something good.

Anonymous said...

the Anzacs were those who fought to save Australia and New Zealand from invasion in WW1 and WW2 ... a compliment of the highest order! Krem

DeadBilly said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the compliment. . . and the history lesson.

Martín said...

Thank you very much Billy, i love INXS!!

You can check my INXS forum for more:




DeadBilly said...

Thanks for the link, Martin. Your forum looks good. Don't know if I have much to offer to the audio section, though. Pretty much all I have from INXS is officially released stuff.

SeptemberSpice said...

Thanks so much! Love INXS, been after these rareties a while now, hope this isn't the last you post, thanx again!!!

DeadBilly said...

Septemberspice, I do like to share the music. Drop me a quick email with what you're looking for and I'll do what I can.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just found this, so I need to tell you 'smoke on the water' isn't b side to Merry Christmas Only Fan Club Single, in fact this single is from 1982 and the cover of Deep Purple was recorded in 1984. Will upload my copy of Christmas single.

DeadBilly said...

Thanks for the correction. Was "Smoke On the Water" officially released in some form, or just a good quality bootleg?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, is not officially available, only accross the bootleg but not so very good quality, I have the bootleg from that gig and have poor sound, I don't downloaded the track at your blog, have good quality?

DeadBilly said...

Heard better, heard worse. To my ears, it sounds like a soundboard recording, but many generations down the line.

Anonymous said...

Hi deadbilly friend, here is the link for Merry Christmas Song, I uploaded it in flac format, you can check the Martin forum's where I uploaded my B-Sides (all in flac format), maybe you can replace your files whit my (Think these have more good sound).



Darren said...

seems Im 3 years late!! any chance of relisting these rare b-sides? I have the vinyl but nothing to convert them onto a computer

DeadBilly said...

Here you go, Darren: