07 March 2008


Pornography of Despair (Part Two)

As promised, here’s the rest of what may have been The The’s Pornography of Despair.

For a good chunk of an interview with Matt talking about Pornography, go to this wiki.

01 The The - “The Nature of Virtue”
02 The The - “Leap Into the Wind”
03 The The - “Dumb as Death’s Head”
04 The The - “Mental Healing Process (For a Mixed Up Kid)”
05 The The - “Absolute Liberation”
06 The The - “Uncertain Smile” This is an early version, released under the title “Cold Spell Ahead”.
07 The The - “Perfect” Released as a non-album single. A different version was also issued on some versions of Soul Mining.
08 The The - “Three Orange Kisses from Kazan” B-side of “Uncertain Smile” single.
09 The The - “Waiting for the Upturn” B-side of “Uncertain Smile” 12” single.
10 The The - “Fruit of the Heart” B-side of “Heartland” 12” single.
11 The The - “Soup of Mixed Emotion” Released on a limited edition 12” with the first copies of Soul Mining.
Bonus track The The - “Untitled”
Bonus track The The - “The Sinking Feeling” B-side of “Infected” 12” single. A different version is on Soul Mining.

There. That’s all. Now go and buy some of these:

See Without Being Seen, 1978 (unreleased)
Spirits, 1979 (unreleased)
Burning Blue Soul, 1981 (buy)
Pornography of Despair, 1982 (unreleased)
Soul Mining, 1983 (buy)
Infected, 1986 (buy)
Mind Bomb, 1989 (buy)
Dusk, 1993 (buy)
Hanky Panky, 1995 (buy) (Hank Williams, Sr. covers)
Gun Sluts, 1998 (unreleased)
Naked Self, 2000 (buy)
Silent Tongue, 2002 (unreleased)

The The's new single, "Mrs. Mac", is only available as a download through the official website (www.thethe.com)


¡Mateo es así! said...

I really enjoyed this. Thank you for putting it together.

DeadBilly said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!! I love you

Anonymous said...

Profoundest gratitude to you. Thanks.

Jorenanthony (username) said...

Wow, could you please repost 1+2 of Pornography of Despair (The The)? This is the first sharing/offering I've seen all these years. The few teaser b-side releases have driven me crazy looking for it. thanks, joren

Richard Grant said...

can you please re-post, i lost all my mp3's in a recent crash and am missing these dearly!

DeadBilly said...
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DeadBilly said...
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Richard Grant said...

thank you for that, shame it has never been released properly, one day maybe.

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heiku said...

Wonderful, many thanks for sharing!

Novemberer said...

Hey Billy, ENORMOUS thanks for these (just found the re-up!). It's interesting you mentioning The The's label being "pretty heavy", if this stuff was readily available I'd have bought it long ago & I suspect that applies to everybody who's left a comment here? Am really pleased to finally be able to hear all of this stuff anyway, they've been on my "wants" list for years... x

DeadBilly said...
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gavilano said...

Could you please upload this again ? It doesn´t seem to work.
Thank you very much.

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