02 April 2010


Just wanted to do a quick post to inform any of you who may be local (AZ) that the Mesa Arts Center currently has a show of Chris Mars' paintings on display. I took in the show a couple days ago, and was floored by his work. If you're a fan of visual arts, and live anywhere near here, I highly recommend you give it a look.

Even better news: though the show has been up for several weeks already, the "opening reception" is next Friday, April 9th.

More info and images at the Mesa Arts website, or Chris Mars website.

While many of you are already aware, I'll mention for those who may not be familiar with him (and may not know how this post is music related), Chris was the drummer in the seminal Minneapolis band The Replacements. He's been concentrating on painting ever since the end of the band.

Since I haven't posted any music as of late, here's an interesting track I came across a while back:
This banjo-based goody, and many many more, can be found over at Nick's blog.


deadboy said...

MoodyPlaces no more sadly but you can catch me here http://onestepbrighter.blogspot.com/

DeadBilly said...

Thanks for letting me know. The link has been updated.