26 January 2010


I've had a couple of requests over the past week or so. Figured I'd do a quick Tuesday post to fill 'em.

First off, the links on the Fine Young Cannibals and The Beat posts that had gone bad have been fixed.

Secondly, I had a request to re-post the songs I posted during the 2008 holiday season, as nearly all of the links have since gone away. so here they are, all in one zip file. I won't go through the whole track list, but here's the artists: Billy Bragg, Syd Straw & Los Lobos, Goober & The Peas, INXS, Paul Kelly, The Pogues, Willie Nelson & Stephen Colbert, AC/DC, They Might Be Giants, Bad Manners, Madness, Dreams So Real, Chris Isaac, Bob & Doug McKenzie, Tom Waits, De La Soul, Damien Dempsey, John Wesley Harding, The Kinks, The Smithereens, Pearl Jam, Grant Lee Phillips, Everlast, The Greedies, E, Monty Python, Steve Earle, Damien Rice, The Chieftains & Elvis Costello.

If you're desperate to know the song titles, you can always go look at the original posts.

On to the new releases this week. It's still early in the year, and not too many labels want to put new albums out this time of year, so the pickin's are slim. Here's a small handful that you may want to take a look at:

The Magnetic Fields - Realism (buy) I haven't heard too much from The Magnetic Fields in recent years, but the little bit I have heard, I like, and I was a big fan of the old stuff.

Tindersticks - Falling Down a Mountain (buy) Probably the one I'm most excited about this week. Unfortunately, it's only available as an import at the moment.

Youssou N'Dour - I Bring What I Love (soundtrack) (buy) There's a reason why Youssou is the biggest name in world music.

Various Artists - NPR Discover Songs: The New Jazz Divas (buy) I've only heard a couple of these women before, but being the music nerd that I am, I tend to like quite a bit of what NPR hypes.

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