20 October 2009


Figured I'd go with another stormtrooper image for this misc. post. Since the new sci-fi horror novel Death Troopers is all the rage right now with the Star Wars geeks (I'm not using that term in a negative way, I'm one myself), and the cover image is really nifty, I'm going with that.

In contrast to the mildly gruesome image, here's a small batch of rare stuff which should bring a smile to your face.

Ween - "Cheese II" Here's the story. Ween was hired several years ago to write a song for the background of a commercial promoting that pizza with the cheese in the crust, from that really big pizza company. Their first attempt, with the lyrics "Where'd the cheese go? I don't know." repeated several times was found by the company to be lacking., and they insisted it be re-done. So, the band went away, and later returned with this version, set to the same music. They were promptly let go from the ad.

Elvis Hitler - "Green Haze" From their album Disgraceland. Not a rare one if you were in the Detroit area in the late eighties. This psychobilly band deserves to have their legend grow around the world, and this is a good place to start. Music courtesy of Hendrix, lyrics thanks to 60s TV.

Michelle Shocked - "Yamboree Queen" (live) From a promotional live EP issued around the time of Short Sharp Shocked. I put this one up once before, way back when I first started the blog. Since I seem to be on a songs- with- a- sense- of- humor kick today, I'm putting it up again, and once again asking, does anyone out there have a better sounding copy of this one? Mine is from a heavily played piece of vinyl, and I'd love to get a copy without that annoying hiss.

(files expired)

Moving on to today's new releases:

Flight of the Conchords - I Told You I Was Freaky (buy) The reviews I've seen say this isn't as good as their last one, but their last one was fantastic, so this could still be really good.

Lyle Lovett - Natural Forces (buy) Lyle is one of the few country artists who's output I have consistently enjoyed.

Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (buy) (buy deluxe)

Sufjan Stevens - The BQE (buy) I've long thought that Sufjan has been over hyped. however, I've never disliked what I've heard from him, I just never thought it was as genius as others claim.

Tina Turner - Tina Live (CD/DVD) (buy) You gotta love Tina. In the business 40+ years, and hasn't lost a bit of her voice or stage presence.

There's also deluxe re-issues from the likes of Bauhaus (In The Flat Field (buy), Mask (buy)), Pylon (Chomp (buy)), Lou Reed (Legendary Hearts (buy), New Sensations (buy)), Fun Boy Three (Fun Boy Three (buy)), and Yes (90125 (buy)) out today.

In other music news - fans of Tom Waits (and who isn't?) can go here and download the first half of his new live album, Glitter and Doom, for free, long before its release on November 24th. Did I mention it's FREE and LEGAL. . . and TOM WAITS!?

Tom Waits - Glitter and Doom (pre-order direct) (pre-order from Amazon) (download free preview)

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