23 October 2009


First off, let me say that Tim Booth (pictured) alone is not James. If he was, they'd be called Tim. But have you ever tried searching for photos of a band with such a common name? This is the best I could come up with.

As for the band's history, many of you were already very familiar with James far before I took up shop in this little corner of the web.
They've been recording under this name since the mid-eighties (having gone by several other - more easily searched for - names prior to this one). They did take a hiatus in the early part of the new century, but have since returned to the stage.

If you like these b-sides, be sure to seek out their own compilation of rarities, Ultra.

(files expired)

James - "What's the World" The first song on their first official EP, the long out of print Jimone.
James - "Hymn From a Village" From the second EP, James II.
James - "The Sky Is Falling"
From the first "Sit Down" 12" single.
James - "Sit Down" (Live at G-Mex) From a re-issued "Sit Down" single.
James - "Stand" Seemed the best follow up after that 10 minutes of "Sit Down". From the "Getting Away With It" single.
James - "So Long Marianne" (Leonard Cohen cover) From the Cohen tribute album, I'm Your Fan. (buy)
James - "Your Story" From one of the "Waltzing Along" singles.

Pick up some James:

, 1986
Strip Mine
, 1988
Gold Mother
, 1990 (issued as James in the US)
, 1992 (buy)
, 1993 (buy)
Wah Wah
, 1994
, 1997
, 1999 (buy)
Pleased To Meet You
, 2001 (buy)
Hey Ma
, 2008 (buy)

By the way, James is giving away a new song, "Not So Strong!", for free on their
official website. Drop by and pick it up.


King AdBeck said...

Try searching for The The!

DeadBilly said...

Yeah, I'd forgotten about that one. Took me quite a little while to get the images when I posted on him/them a while back.

JC said...

Great band. And as you point out so much more than Tim Booth....but without him they would be a little bit dull.

Also did a football related b-side called 'Goal Goal Goal'.

Oh and another of their b-sides 'Fire Away' was the first song I ever posted on my own blog back in October 2006.