09 October 2009


Here's a post that I won't be entirely shocked if it gets taken down quickly. So get 'em while you can.

Do I need to give any background here? If you have a pulse, then you must already know who Queen are. They were HUGE in the seventies. They remained HUGE in the eighties. They were still HUGE in the nineties, right up until Freddie Mercury passed away.

Since those glory days, the rest of the band still performs together, with other (usually big name) singers filling in for Freddie.

Whether you love or hate them (and I have yet to meet anyone who truly hates them), you have to respect the way they pushed the boundaries of what rock music could be.

Here's a half-dozen tracks that, as far as I can tell, are not commercially available at the moment:

(files expired)

Queen - "Keep Yourself Alive" (Demo) One of the tracks that got them their contract. The regular version is on Queen. (buy)
Queen - "Flick Of the Wrist" (Radio Session) Original version is on Sheer Heart Attack. (buy)
Queen - Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon" (Live) A bootleg recording of a track from one of their masterpieces, A Night At the Opera. (buy)
Queen - "A Human Body" B-side of "Play the Game". The only time this has appeared on CD was on the now out-of-print Singles, Vol. 2 box set.
Queen - "Soul Brother" The b-side of "Under Pressure".
Queen and David_Bowie - "Cool Cat" (Demo) Recorded during the same session that gave us "Under Pressure". Legend has it that Bowie wasn't satisfied with his backing vocals, so they were edited out for the album version, on Hot Space. (buy)

Buy some Queen, damn you!

Queen, 1973 (buy)
Queen II, 1974 (buy)
Sheer Heart Attack, 1974 (buy)
A Night at the Opera, 1975 (buy)
A Day at the Races, 1976 (buy)
News of the World, 1977 (buy)
Jazz, 1978 (buy)
The Game, 1980 (buy)
Flash Gordon, 1980 (buy) (soundtrack - a perfect accompaniment for one of the cheesiest movies ever)
Hot Space, 1982 (buy)
The Works, 1984 (buy)
A Kind of Magic, 1986 (buy)
The Miracle, 1989 (buy) (the album's not as bad as that cover would make you think)
Innuendo, 1991 (buy)
Made In Heaven, 1995 (buy)

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