29 September 2009


A quick one for today's post.

Assuming you were listening to music in the nineties, you couldn't possibly have escaped Canada's Crash Test Dummies, and their vowel-les hit "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm". Heck, the song was so big even Weird Al parodied it.

In many countries, they would become one hit wonders thanks to that tune, but in some places they had already had a charting tune in "Superman's Song", which I posted a while back in the first Seven Song Circle.

The live tracks I'm putting up today were all released on the follow up CD single to "Mmm. . .", a non-hit called "Afternoons & Coffeespoons". It's a good tune, but not as catchy as the big hit. I've always thought it worked better in the flow of the album than as a stand alone track.

The studio versions of all three songs are on God Shuffled His Feet. These live versions were recorded at The Chance in Poughkeepsie (that's Pa-kipsy for you non-New Yorkers), for WDST-FM Radio Woodstock, in April 1994. A month later, I'd get to see them live myself, when they opened for a reunited Elvis Costello & The Attractions. Damn that was a good show.

(files expired)

Crash Test Dummies - "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" (Live)
Crash Test Dummies - "God Shuffled His Feet" (Live)
Crash Test Dummies - "In the Days of the Caveman" (Live)
Get all three, plus the lead track and the sleeve in one zip file here.

Get some Dummies:

The Ghosts That Haunt Me
, 1991 (buy)
God Shuffled His Feet, 1993 (buy)
A Worm's Life, 1996
Give Yourself a Hand, 1999
I Don't Care That You Don't Mind, 2001 (buy)
Jingle All the Way, 2002 (buy) (Christmas album)
Puss 'n' Boots, 2003 (buy)
Songs of the Unforgiven, 2006 (buy)
The Cape Breton Lobster Bash Series, 2007 (buy) (EP)
Ooh La La, (TBA)

On an unrelated note, Irish musician Nick Kelly (formerly of The Fat Lady Sings) has put up 13 demos on his blog. They're for a new collaborative project called Gestation, which will be performed with several other artists. These demos are the bare-bones versions with just his voice and guitar or piano.

There's some great songs in the bunch. I'm looking forward to hearing the finished products.

If you're a fan of his, or of Fat Lady Sings, or even if you just want to hear some new music, long before it's released, jump on over and give them a listen.

And if you're a visual artist, Nick is looking for artwork for the album's eventual release. All the details are on the blog.

Thanks to Peter at 2 U I Bestow for pointing out Nick's blog, and the Gestation project.

In new release news . . .

AFI - Crash Love (buy) (buy deluxe) These guys run hot and cold with me. I haven't heard the new album yet, so I don't know if it's one of the good ones.

Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue (buy) Another one I'm curious about.

Dethklock - Dethalbum II (buy) The second release from cartoon death metal band from Adult Swim's Metalocalypse.

Jonas Sees In Color - Jonas Sees In Color (buy) The little bit I've heard from this has been pretty good. I'm anxious to hear more.

Karen O and the Kids - Where the Wild Things Are Original Soundtrack (buy) It's been a long time since I've been so excited about a new movie. The soundtrack will have to tide me over until the movie comes out.

Kris Kristofferson - Closer To the Bone (buy) (buy deluxe) Yeah, he's had his cheesy periods, but you can't deny the man is talented. Plus he's the guy that comforted Sinéad when she got booed at the Dylan tribute show. The new album is a stripped-down affair, produced by Don Was. The deluxe version comes with 8 songs recorded live in Dublin last year.

Seven Worlds Collide - Sun Came Out (buy) A various artist collective put together by Neil Finn (Crowded House / Split Ends). This time around, it's got folks from Wilco, The Smiths, Radiohead, etc.

Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost (buy) Another one I'm curious to hear.

Various artists - Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy (buy) A star studded tribute to the guy behind Miracle Legion and Polaris. Only one cover from Me and Mr. Ray? That's one of my all-time favorite albums.

I'm still seeing The Swell Season's new one, Strict Joy, listed as coming out today, but all the websites (Amazon/Best Buy/etc.) still have it as October 27. By the way, they're playing a bunch of US (and Canadian) dates in November and December. Details here.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra album that was listed for today has been pushed back to October 13th.

I guess that post wasn't as quick as I thought it would be.

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