28 August 2009


If you heard Damien Rice's massively popular album O, then you've already heard Lisa Hannigan, weather you knew it or not. Though, chances are you already knew that, but if you didn't, now you do.

Of course, even if you weren't familiar with her from her work with Damien, you may have been introduced to her thanks to the "Colbert Bump" which she received shortly after debut solo album, Sea Sew, was released.

If you managed to avoid hearing her with Damien, and you weren't watching television the night Stephen Colbert introduced her to American audiences, well then I guess you can have your very first taste or her here and now.

Here's a bunch of stuff that's not on Sea Sew. . . and some stuff that is on it, but not the album versions.

(files expired)

Lisa Hannigan - "My Pirate Disco" (demo) A brand spankin' new song, released in video form on her MySpace page. This would be the audio from that video.
Lisa Hannigan - "Sea Song" (demo) Released as the b-side of the "Lille" single. Original version is on Sea Sew.
Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice - "Desifinado" From the Goldfish Memory soundtrack. She does a couple more tracks on there, too.
Lisa Hannigan - "I Don't Know" (Live on The Colbert Report) The aforementioned Colbert Bump performance. Original version is on Sea Sew.
The Cake Sale - "Last Leaf" The Cake Sale is kind of a super group of musicians mainly from Ireland, that got together to put out a nine song charity album. (buy) This is just one of several songs Lisa does vocals on.
Lisa Hannigan and Paul Noonan - "Your Ghost" (Kristin Hersh cover) Recorded for a radio session.
Lisa Hannigan - "Lille" (demo) Original version is on Sea Sew.

Buy the album:

Sea Sew, 2008 (buy)

Further Lisa Hannigan listening:

A 4 song session she recorded for Daytrotter can be heard (and downloaded) here.
A session she recorded at KCRW earlier this year can be seen and heard here.

And, because I like pushing the local scene, too:

If you're in the Valley, and you want to see some live music on the cheap (is free cheap enough?), there's three bands playing at Hoodlums this evening.

MySpace links: Earthmen & Strangers, Becky Lee & Drunkfoot, The Chandails

BIG BIG LIVE NEWS: Mark your calendars. I never thought it would happen, but The Pogues (yes THOSE Pogues) are scheduled to play The Marquee in Tempe, October 21. For other US tour dates, look here.


Peter N said...

Really nice blog about a rising Irish singer. I think that 'Your Ghost' tune was recorded with Paul Noonan from Bell X1 on guitar! Unless your version is different to mine!

DeadBilly said...

You very well might be right. So is it Lisa with Damien and Paul, or just Lisa and Paul?

Peter N said...

Just Lisa and Paul Noonan!

goldflop rakeback said...

Damien Rice is one of the most talented singer/songwriters of this generation. He sings with such emotion and you can hear his soul come through the music. He is an amazing musician that deserves more attention. I hope I can see him in concert sometime!