21 July 2009


Holy crap, is that ever an ugly graphic. Damn. I put these things together myself, you'd think I'd have better quality control.

Don't let the nasty image fool you in to thinking the music is crap. There's some damn good tunes in this cycle. Not as many rarities as I'd like, but even the ones that aren't particularly rare are, for the most part, by acts that I don't regularly listen to, aside from the one track presented here.

Of course, some of them are groups I have huge collections by. And I ain't sayin' which is which.

Anyhow, after that lengthy discourse with no meaning, here's the music:

(files expired)

1 The Squirrels - "Seasons In the Sun / The Hustle"
2 Steve and Julian Vai - "Ya-Yo Gakk"
3 Neil and Liam Finn - "Two of Us"
4 Trey Anastasio - "Abbey Road Medley" (live)
5 Oysterhead - "Shadow of a Man"
6 Screaming Trees - "Shadow of the Season"
7 Eddie and the Cruisers - "Season in Hell (Fire Suite)"

1 Terry Jacks / Van McCoy covers, featuring guest lead vocals by John Schmidt, age 10. From the 20 More. . . Explosions! compilation. (buy)
2 Lead vocals by Steve's young son Julian. From the Alien Love Secrets EP. (buy)
3 Beatles cover by father/son team Neil (Crowded House / Split Ends) and Liam. This was released on the Japanese version of the I Am Sam soundtrack. (buy import) The soundtrack was alright, but I didn't care for the movie. Maybe he shouldn't have gone "full retard". . .
4 Beatles cover. Unfortunatly, I no longer remember what show it's from.
5 Trey's "other band", along with Les Claypool (Primus) and Stewart Copeland (The Police). This is from The Grand Pecking Order. (buy)
6 Opening track to the album Sweet Oblivion. (buy)
7 Actually performed by John Cafferty and Beaver Brown. Written specifically for the Eddie and the Cruisers soundtrack. (buy)

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