24 July 2009


Irish artist Edmund Enright, better known as Mundy, released his debut album, Jelly Legs, in 1996. In the thirteen years that have followed, he's made a big name for himself in Ireland, but as of yet has not broken through in the US.

Those that do know him 'round here mostly know his song "To You I Bestow", which was included on the soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet. As well as being on his first album, and being the inspiration for the title of one of the blogs I frequent. At least I'm assuming that's where the blog's name come from. . . maybe it's just a huge coinsidence, and I'm just showing my own stupidity.

He's just released his fifth album, his first studio album in 5 years. To give it a tiny bit of hype, I'm posting a handfull of tracks from various compilations and b-sides (the usual stuff for this blog), as well as the opennig track to the new disc. The track is being given away for free online in hopes of giving Mundy a wider audience.

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Mundy - "Waiting For the Night To Come" From Strawberry Blood. (buy)

Mundy - "Whenever, Wherever" (Shakira cover) From the charity compilation Even Better Than the Real Thing. If you live somewhere where you can buy the comp., please do so. It's great music, and it's for charity.
Mundy - "The Kids Aren't Stupid" From The Moon Is a Bullet Hole EP.
Afro-Celt - "Rise Above It" Lead vocals by Mundy, lead fiddle by Eileen Ivers (had to mention her, too. I've long had a thing for her). From the album Seed.
Mundy - "To You I Bestow" (live) B-side of the "Pardon Me" single.
Mundy with Sinéad O'Connor - "Waiting In Vain" (live Bob Marley cover) A bootleg recording from March 4, 2001. Wow, two of my favorite women in one post (Eileen & Sinéad), and it's not even about either of them.

Mundy's music (none of the CDs are currently in print in the States, but downloads are extremely inexpensive through Amie Street):

Jelly Legs, 1996
24 Star Hotel, 2002 (download)
Raining Down Arrows, 2004 (download)
Live and Confusion, 2006 (download) (live)
Strawberry Blood, 2009 (download)

Mundy has a boat load of tour dates listed on his homepage - none of which are in the US :( You can also download another track from the new album for free there)

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