20 April 2009


A note for the visitors of this blog. . . There are currently two more posts scheduled for the next two Fridays. Beyond that, I don't know how much updating I'll be doing for a while, as I'm going to have to spend my time searching for a new job. The company I've worked for for the past 7+ years let me go this morning.

If anyone out there has any positions for a guy with about 20 years retail management experience (about half of that in music retail), feel free to email me.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and have been having a read - it's very interesting with a very wide range of music - from Dolly Parton to Nick Cave! I can relate to this, my tastes are very wide-ranging too. Sorry to hear you've lost your job, good luck finding a new one. Love aria

DeadBilly said...

Thank you for dropping by, and for the kind words.

P@ndora said...

That sucks... Good luck job hunting. These are hard times.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it. Your blog is a wonderful compendium: obscure tracks from my faves and introductions to new ones. Thanks a lot and good luck with the job hunt. W.