01 January 2009


Love and Rockets formed out of the ashes of the legendary goth band Bauhaus, after lead singer Peter Murphy went on his merry way. After a brief time with two of the remaining three performing as Tones On Tail, the third joined back up and Love and Rockets was born.

Rather than repeat the goth thing they already had done, the band (
Daniel Ash, David J, Kevin Haskins) chose a more psychedelic-rock sound throughout the eighties. In the nineties, they ventured into techno territory.

They even managed a few big hits along the way ("No Big Deal", "So Alive"). But, as usual, my focus here is on the b-sides. Most of them have been issued on remastered albums, so I'm not posting as many as usual.

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Love and Rockets - "Trip and Glide" From the Glittering Darkness EP
Love and Rockets - "Physical" (live Adam Ant cover) A bootleg recording from The Wiltern on May 7, 1988, and the song that prompted this post. Thanks to one of the readers for passing it along (I don't know if he wishes to remain anonymous or not).

Love and Rockets - "No Words No More" (alternate version) Not sure where this one came from. It sounds very similar to the acoustic radio session which was released as a b-side, but there are enough differences to make me think it's a different recording. The original version is on Love and Rockets.

Love and Rockets - "Sorted" (live) Another bootleg recording. This one is from Washington DC, April 14, 1988. This is the title track to their best-of,
(buy) but the song has never been issued.
Love and Rockets - "Mirror People" (single remix) As the name implies, it's a remix from the single. Original version is on Earth, Sun, Moon.

The Bubblemen - "The Bubblemen Are Coming" The Bubblemen often show up at Love and Rockets shows. They're bee-looking fellows from the planet Girl. They sound suspiciously like Love and Rockets.
The Bubblemen - "B-Side" B-Side of "The Bubblemen Are Coming"

If anyone has a copy of the "Mirror People" b-side, "David Lanfair", I seem to have misplaced mine. I had planned to include it, but so it goes. If someone would be so kind as to pass it along. . .

Love and Rockets discography:

The Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
, 1985 (buy re-issue)

, 1986
(buy re-issue)
Earth, Sun, Moon
, 1987
Love and Rockets
, 1990
(buy remaster)
Hot Trip to Heaven, 1994
Sweet F. A
., 1996

Lift, 1998

Oh, and happy new year.


bob said...

cool. thank you

DeadBilly said...

You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Love & Rockets were a big art of the sound of my youth...I have seen them a few times in the glory days in LA, once w/Mighty Lemon Drops & The Bubblemen (!!) and once opening for The Cure or Depeche Mode (can't remember for sure) along w/Darling Buds.

Thanks for posting, especially the Bubblemen tracks (which are only available on the Sorted DVD)

Cheers, Rob

DeadBilly said...

I never had the opportunity to see them live, unfortunately. I did, however, play a lot of their stuff when I was starting out in radio way back when. I was (and still am) a huge fan of their music, particularly their Express / Earth, Sun, Moon era.

Thanks for dropping by.