27 December 2008


OK, so I’m back. Things have been busy, holiday season and all. I doubt I'll have enough time to post huge amounts of songs during the next month or so, so I’m going to try posting one a day.

Since it is the holiday season, and I’ve always been a fan of the odd ball holiday tunes, I guess I’ll post a bunch of those. I’ll try to stick to the lesser heard ones (like today’s), but I may hit on some classics too.

If I end up missing a day or two, feel free to go back to last year's Christmas post and listen to those. The links should still be good.

Anyway, enjoy. I’ll get back to the regular posts in January, assuming things don’t continue to go downhill in the music-blogosphere.

Billy Bragg - “Deck the Halls” Recorded live on the John Peel Show, December 22, 1996.


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