13 August 2008


Elvis Costello (born Declan MacManus) is primarily known for his early “new wave” or post-punk music with his band The Attractions.

Over his many years in the music business, he has released music in numerous genres. Lately, he’s been jumping back and forth between rock and pop ballads, and an occasional detour into classical.

You’d be hard pressed to find any songwriter that has such a large songbook. Maybe Prince. Maybe. Not only does Costello write his own albums, he also gives songs to other artists that he knows, or even that he just admires. He also regularly contributes to soundtracks, tribute albums, and charity albums.

He puts out so many songs in any given year, you’d think all he has time to do is sit and write music.

Searching through my collection of Costello tunes, I found it hard to get tracks that aren’t on his albums. He (and his record labels) have reissued his albums so many times, in so many different configurations, that I’m not completely sure what’s available now and what isn’t. So, in an attempt to avoid posting something that is currently a bonus track on a current release, I’m sticking more to his work on soundtracks, and as guest on other artists’ albums.

(all files expired)

Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach - “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” From the soundtrack to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.
Elvis Costello - “Weird Nightmare” (Charles Mingus cover) From the tribute album Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus.
Willie Nelson with Elvis Costello and Diana Krall - “Crazy” (live) From Willie’s album Live and Kickin’.
Elvis Costello - “You Stole My Bell” From the Family Man soundtrack. Co-written with then wife Cait O-Riordan.

Elvis Costello - “North” The title track to his 2003 album was only available as a downloadable bonus track. Kind of annoyed us who didn't want to deal with i-tunes.

Elvis Costello - “Let’s Misbehave” (Cole Porter cover) From the soundtrack of De-Lovely.

Jazz Passengers with Elvis Costello - “Aubergine” From the Jazz Passengers’ album Individually Twisted.
Elvis Costello and Brian Eno - “My Dark Life” From the X-Files soundtrack album, Songs In the Key of X.
Elvis Costello - “Ship of Fools” (Grateful Dead cover) From the tribute album Deadicated.

Elvis Costello discography:

My Aim Is True, 1977 (buy) (2 disc)
This Year’s Model
, 1978 (buy) (2 disc) (with The Attractions)

Armed Forces, 1979 (buy) (2 disc) (with The Attractions)
Get Happy!!
, 1980 (buy) (with The Attractions)

Trust, 1981 (buy) (with The Attractions)
Almost Blue, 1981 (buy) (with The Attractions)
Imperial Bedroom
, 1982 (buy) (2 disc) (with The Attractions)

Punch the Clock, 1983 (buy) (with The Attractions)
Goodbye Cruel World, 1984 (buy) (with The Attractions)
King of America, 1986 (buy) (2 disc) (with The Attractions & The Confederates)
Blood and Chocolate, 1986 (buy) (with The Attractions)
Spike, 1986 (buy)
Mighty Like a Rose, 1991
The Juliet Letters, 1993 (2 disc) (with The Brodsky Quartet)
Brutal Youth, 1994
Kojak Variety
, 1995 (covers album)

All This Useless Beauty
, 1996 (buy)

Painted From Memory, 1998 (buy) (with Burt Bacharach)
For The Stars
, 2001 (buy) (with Anne Sofie von Otter)

When I Was Cruel
, 2002 (buy) (with The Imposters)

North, 2003 (buy)
The Delivery Man
, 2004 (buy) (2 disc) (with the Imposters)

The River In Reverse, 2006 (buy) (with Allen Toussaint)
Momofuku, 2008 (buy) (with The Imposters)

Yeah, there are several that I skipped. Live albums, collections, classical stuff, etc. This is just the basics.


Anonymous said...

First let me say that I love your blog. Truly my favorite. I know this sounds ungrateful, but it's not: Why don't you rip to a higher bit rate? I've found some things I've looked for for a long time and I wish they were more than 128. But again, do what you want, I appreciate it at any rate. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Nice collection of Elvis stuff! Going a little farther back, there's also Elvis doing the title song on the soundtrack Party Party

DeadBilly said...

The reason my files are 128: partly because that way, if an artist puts out a legit version, it will be worth it to buy. Though, mostly because I'm living in one of the last places where dial-up is the only thing available, and uploading any file takes for freekin' ever. It typically takes several hours a week just to upload the ones I do. If they were larger files, it would take too long.

Hopefully, someday soon, they'll put some DSL or cable out this way. Then I'll upgrade the music.

Hooli said...

Thanks for the counting crows stuff and all the rest that i will eventually hoover off your site.

Might be able to give some back at hooliganslament.blogspot.com



DeadBilly said...

Thanks for stopping by, Hooli. I took a look at your site, and I think I'll be getting as much from you as you'll be getting from me.