31 July 2008


If you lived through the eighties, there’s no possible way you could have escaped without knowing of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Heck, take any random “new wave” compilation, and I’d say there’s an eighty percent chance it has “Relax” on it.

For the few folks who aren’t familiar. . . “Relax” was the band’s first single. It was steadily rising up the UK charts, when the BBC banned it for containing sexually explicit lyrics. It immediately shot to #1, and stayed there for five weeks.

The follow up. . . A political ditty with a video featuring Reagan and
look-alikes in a wrestling match.

Their debut album, a sprawling two disc set, with covers of Edwin Starr and Bruce Springsteen, and an epic title track that lasted nearly one whole side.

Basically, everything about the band was big.

Here, (with help from a new file host) are some songs that weren’t on their two albums:

(Files Expired)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - “Ferry Cross the Mersey” (Gerry & the Pacemakers cover) A small piece of this was on the debut album, but this full length version is from the “Relax” single.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - “Disneyland” A Peel session from 1982. Never officially released.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - “SuffRAGEtte City” (David Bowie cover) They definitely had good taste in cover songs. This one’s from the “Rage Hard” single, thus the re-spelling of the title.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - “(Don’t Lose What’s Left) Of Your Little Mind” Also from the “Rage Hard” single. A bit like what it would have been like if Frankie had guested on Sesame Street.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - “Roadhouse Blues” (The Doors cover) OK, maybe not the greatest taste in covers. At the risk of offending everyone I give you a cover of the most over-rated band in history.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - “Get It On” (T. Rex cover) And right back to the good covers. From the “Welcome To the Pleasuredome” single.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - “The World Is My Oyster” Another song that was included on the debut, but only in a small piece. This full version was released on “The Power Of Love” single.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - “Junk Funk” Peel session from 1983. A demo of this one exists, but a finished version was never issued.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - “The Waves” Their last b-side. Not the best of them, but at least it’s not another Doors cover (ouch). From the "Watching the Wildlife" single.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood discography:

Welcome To the Pleasuredome
, 1984 (buy)

, 1986 (buy import) an underrated album.

As I mentioned, I'm trying out a different host. Let me know if there are any snags. All of my older files should be available again in the next day or so.

Apologies to any Doors fans that may have been offended in the course of this post.


Anonymous said...

The most over rated band in history - Doors???
You must mean the Beatles !
Great rarities tho thanks

DeadBilly said...

Every time I hear a bad college poet, trying really really hard to be deep, I think "he's been listening to too much Jim Morrison".

But, hey, I know it's just my opinion.

Hear It Wow said...

You've got a damn fine blog here. Thanks much for the Frankie posts. Allegedly there's a collection of Bruce Springsteen covers by them floating around in the ether as well.

Anonymous said...

how about their cover of "do you know the way to san jose?" and "born to run"

DeadBilly said...

I've always kind of liked their cover of "Born To Run". I see your point on "San Jose", though.

Wedlock said...

Hey is this blog current?I am late to the party and was able to listen to "Disneyland," but I did not see your other links. I'd love to have some links to their other early material.They actually formed in 1980, and even though they are just considered an "80's band" with a short discography, before Welcome was so successful, their peel session stuff pointed to the origin of some of those tracks.While it's true Trevor Horn, Anne Dudley, and other studio musicians overdubbed many many of O'Toole,Nash, and Gill's parts on the album-they did in fact write these songs from 1980 to 82.I'd love to hear what you have, my email is wedlockmusic@gmail.com