12 December 2007


Canadian rockers The Tragically Hip have been playing together since the early eighties. It took a few years for them to get signed, but since their debut EP in 1987, they've been putting out fresh material every couple of years.

Even better than the many fantastic albums, their live shows are worth driving hours to see.

If you haven't heard of them, this probably isn't the best introduction, for that buy their best of (I know, best of's are for housewives and little girls) or look around the internets for more of their stuff. If you're already a fan, than here's a few things you may not have already heard:

The Tragically Hip - "Get Back Again" From the Up To Here sessions.
The Tragically Hip - "Scared" (acoustic radio session) Original version is on Day For Night. (buy)
The Tragically Hip - "So Hard Done By" (alternate fast version) Original version is on Day For Night. (buy)
The Tragically Hip - "Throwing Off Glass" From the Men With Brooms soundtrack.
The Tragically Hip - "We Are the Next Us" Released on the band's website, thehip.com

A Tragically Hip discography:

The Tragically Hip (EP) (1987) (buy)
Up To Here (1989) (buy)
Road Apples (1991) (buy)
Fully Completely (1992) (buy)
Day For Night (1994) (buy)
Trouble at the Henhouse (1996) (buy)
Phantom Power (1998)
Music @ Work (2000)
In Violet Light (2002) (buy)
In Between Evolution (2004) (buy)
That Night In Toronto (Live DVD) (2005) (buy)
World Container (2006) (buy)

For more info on the band, visit their website, or the wonderful unofficial site here. (Unofficial site has lots more rare files)


-chris said...

Great suggestions... only issue is the songs you've linked are not the ones you've listed.

We Are The Next Us
Get Back Again
Inevitability Of Death
Fully Completely

This is what the linked files are.

For all kinds of live Hip, check out www.thehiptracker.com - invite-only tracker, but everyone who applies gets an account right now.

-chris said...

And Throwing Off Glass... :)

DeadBilly said...

Not sure what's going on there. I just tried to play them, and they play the right songs for me. I didn't even upload "Inevitability of Death" or "Fully Completely", though those are damn good songs.

Thanks for the comment anyway. I always appreciate the feedback.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!! I have looked for this version of "Get Back Again" for over 10 years now. Finally I have found it. I am forever grateful for you posting this mp3.

DeadBilly said...

Glad I could help.