18 December 2007


So, the all-time best Christmas song ever is still "Fairytale of New York", but that one is all over the internets this time of year. I wanted to put up a few Christmas songs that are less often heard.

Fishbone - "Slick Nick, You Devil You" From the It's A Wonderful Life EP.
Dread Zeppelin - "All I Want for Christmas" A band that does mostly Led Zeppelin covers in a reggae style, lead by an Elvis impersonator. Genius.
Magic Mose and His Royal Rockers - "Have Yourselves a Groovy Little Solstice" For all you pagans out there. From The Dark Side of the Christmas Tree.
The Rave-Ups - "The Night Before Christmas (Hey Baby)" Wish I had a better sounding copy of this one. Anyone? Little help?
Henry Rollins - "The Night Before Christmas" A wonderful reading of the poem over sound effects of gun fire, helicopters, etc.
Spinal Tap - "We Three Kings" What can I say, it's vintage Tap.

And to all, a very happy Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanuka, Solstice, Festivus, Etc.

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