09 September 2007


The Fat Lady Sings formed in Dublin in 1986. Led by singer-songwriter Nick Kelly, with Robert Hamilton on drums, Dave Sweeney on guitar, and Finbarr O’Riordan on bass. Later, Sweeney and O’Riordan would be replaced by Dermot Lynch on bass and Tim Bradshaw.

Before the end of their first year, they recorded and released their first single, “Fear and Favour”, to critical acclaim. They began a long stint of touring around Ireland and England (where they were now located), and built up a large fan base in both countries.
This, combined with the success of several more independently released singles, got them enough attention to sign with the major label East West, on which they would release two albums, Twist (1991) and Johnson (1993).

In January 1994, Nick Kelly announced that he was leaving the band. The rest of the band decided not to continue without Nick, and broke up.

The Fat Lady Sings discography:
Twist (1991)
Johnson (1993)
Singles / Opera Obscura (2005) (buy) a collection of singles and b-sides

Some album cuts:
The Fat Lady Sings - “Arclight” from Twist
The Fat Lady Sings - “Boil” from Johnson
The Fat Lady Sings - “Drunkard Logic” from Johnson

The Fat Lady Sings - “King of Freedom” b-side of “Be Still” single
The Fat Lady Sings - “Twist” (live at the Mean Fiddler, 1993)

For more information, you can visit The Fat Lady Sings official site, or Nick Kelly’s official site.


Peter N said...

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DeadBilly said...

Thanks, Peter.
Looks like we do have similar tastes. Unfortunately your files go away after awhile, so I've already missed quite a bit. Oh well, at least I can keep an eye on it now.