15 September 2007


The Bolshoi was Trevor Tanner (vocals / guitar), Nick Chown (bass / vocals), Jan Kalicki (drums), and, after the first EP, Paul Clark (keyboards). They formed in Leeds in 1984, and broke up in London in 1988. In between, they released two albums of what I would describe as alternative rock with a bit of tongue-in-cheek attitude. Not that the songs were funny (like, say, Weird Al), but rather that they never took themselves too seriously (like, say, The Mission).

The Bolshoi discography:
Giants (EP) (1985)
Friends (1986)
Lindy’s Party (1987)
Country Life (recorded 1988 - never released)
Bigger Giants (EP expanded on CD) (1990) (buy)
AWay - The Best Of (1999)

Listen to these:
The Bolshoi - “Fly” from Giants
The Bolshoi - “Books on the Bonfire” from Friends
The Bolshoi - “Fat and Jealous” from Friends
The Bolshoi - “Crack In Smile” from Lindy’s Party

The Bolshoi - “Boss” from the “Books on the Bonfire” single
The Bolshoi - “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson cover, live at the Town and Country) from Give It Some. . . Vol. 1 (limited edition 12” single)

For more info, and plenty more MP3’s, visit their official site. You can also see Trevor Tanner’s site, or Paul Clark’s site.

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