07 March 2015

Pile of Vinyl - The Return?

So, it’s been, what, 2 years since I posted anything here.  I’ve still been frequenting other blogs and thought maybe it was time to resurrect my own.

A few changes since I last posted – 

First, I’ve gone a bit lossless crazy.  Where ever possible, posts will now be in FLAC.  If you can’t play FLAC files, there are several free programs that can convert them to mp3, m4a, or whatever you prefer.   If I feel like putting up something that I only have in lossy format, I’ll note it in the post.

Second, I’m not going to put any sort of schedule on my posts.  One of the reasons I stopped before was that I felt like it was taking up too much time.  Posts may be sporadic, but I’ll try to get something up at least once a fortnight. 

Aside from that, things should be mostly like before.  I’ll be putting up hard to find, non-album stuff from bands I like, and adding some hype for lesser known artists that I think deserve some attention.  Please feel free to share any rarities you may have with me (deadbilly_88(at)mail(dot)com), or to point me to your own blogs or bands.  Also, comments and requests are always welcome.




(Buy Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, So Delicious here)
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Puffin Randy said...

Good to have you back!:)