05 February 2013

I just want to take a second to get the word out.  One of my favorites, Poi Dog Pondering, is coming to town next weekend.  Saturday, February 16 at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix.

I first caught the Poi Dog bug back in the late eighties, when "Living With the Dreaming Body" hit the rotation at a small alternative radio station I was working at.  At that point the band was based in Austin, Texas, having moved there from Hawaii.  Their folk rock sound fit in well with the Austin scene.  I still consider that self-titled debut album one of the best of the era.

In the early nineties, they relocated again, this time to Chicago where they still call home today.  More important than the living quarters, though, is the music.  Over the years they've evolved from the folk rock sound, through dance beats, soul and world rhythms.  These days, they kick out an eclectic blend of all of the above.

If you've never had the pleasure of hearing them, give a listen below to one of the tracks off their new live CD/DVD set.  Then buy yourself a ticket.

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