30 December 2012

POST #345 (Favorites of 2012)

Most years, I make myself a little best-of-the-year CD to play in the car.  Once or twice, I've given them to a few friends.  Last year, I put one up here.  This year, I figured I'd do the same.

The problem this year is there was so damn much good music out there.  I couldn't keep the list down to a CD length.  So, here's 25 of my favorite tunes from this year.

Most of these are one really good track from a fantastic album.  Some of them, it's just the song I got into.  A few of them aren't yet available on a full-length album.

Most are in good quality, but a few I could only find in 128.

I tried to put them in an order that would make the whole set  a good listen, not in a "best song first" order.  I like them all.

Notes and links and previews:

01  Joseph Arthur - "Travel as Equals" from Redemption City.  If you were lucky, you got the album for free from his website early in the year. If not, you'll have to pay.

02  Father Sculptor - "Dysmirror"  So far, the band has only released singles.  But great singles they've all been.  They're supposed to be putting out an EP early next year, and it's one I'm highly anticipating.

03  The Buddies - "A Lifetime at Best" from Fuck the Buddies.  I mentioned them a couple of weeks ago.  Makes me wish I lived closer to Chicago so I could catch a show.

04  The Bootleggers with Emmylou Harris - "Cosmonaut" from the Lawless soundtrack.  All the music was put together by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, but rather than Cave doing the vocals himself, they brought in several big names (Mark Lanegan, Ralph Stanley, Willie Nelson). 
05  Fink - "Blueberry Pancakes" (Live) from Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet.
06  Mutts - "Washington (Still) Owns People"  from Separation Anxiety.  Raved about 'em before.  I'll rave about 'em again.

07  The Cult - "Lucifer"  from Choice of Weapon.  I wouldn't have thought a band that's been around as long as The Cult could still rock like this.

08  Fox the Cat - "Obstruct. Oppose."  Don't know much about the band yet, but I love the song.

09  Saskwatch - "The Delinquent" from Leave It All Behind.  This song doesn't represent the album particularly well (all the other songs have vocals), but it's my personal favorite.

10  Madness - "Death of a Rude Boy" from Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da.  I've always loved good ska music.

11  The Ultrainfidels - "The Cubicle"  A new project from Christopher Dowd (formerly of Fishbone).  Can't wait for a full album.

12  Buck Satan & the 666 Shooters - "The Only Time I'm Sober is When You're Gone" from Bikers Welcome, Ladies Drink Free.  "Country" album from guys in Ministry, Rev Co, and Cheap Trick.
13  Foxy Shazam - "I Like It" from The Church of Rock and Roll.  While it seems a bit obvious, I can honestly say "I like it".
14  Duke Special - "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)"  Duke streamed several cover songs at his SoundCloud page a few months ago.  As far as I can tell, none of the songs has had an official release.
15  Plants and Animals - "Lightshow" from The End of That.   I heard this song on another blog, wound up buying the album and loving it.  It's great when that happens.
16  Old Time Machine - "Sun Burns Out" from Old Time Machine.  Another band discovered thanks to an online description.
17  The Wolfhounds - "The Devil Looks After Her Own" B-Side of "Cheer Up" single.  Like The Cult and Madness, a band that's been around for many years, still putting out great music.
18  The Staves with Keaton Henson - "Icarus" (re-recording)  Original version (without Keaton) is on the Mexico EP.  Keaton's delicate, quirky vocals mixed with The Staves impeccable harmonies takes both to another level.
19  Sinéad O'Connor - "4th and Vine" from How About I Be Me (And You Be You).  The best album she's put out in decades - and this is coming from someone who loves nearly all of her work.
20  Admiral Fallow - "The Paper Trench" from Tree Bursts in Snow.
21  The Tallest Man on Earth - "Leading Me Now" from There's No Leaving NowKristian changed his sound slightly on this album, but his song writing and guitar work is still excellent.
22  Dexys - "She Got a Wiggle" from One Day I'm Going to Soar.  27 years since their last album.  One of the best come backs of the year.
23  Canto - "Farewell Well Well" from Ha Ha Ha
24  Gary Clark, Jr - "When My Train Pulls In" from Blak and Blu.  I mentioned a month or so ago that this would likely end up on my best of list this year.  Excellent blues rock.
25  Alabama Shakes - "Heavy Chevy" bonus track from some versions of Boys and Girls.  Not taking away from any of the others on this list, but Boys and Girls was easily my favorite album of the year.  Perfect from start to finish.


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-nino said...

Thanks for the list man. I have much less time to mine the sites for new music these days so you put it all in one easy to find blog entry. I sent a list to work where I will hit them up one by one.